16:41 actual
10 people from the Ercan family targeted by Soylu are in custody
16:31 actual
The defendants in the video torture case in prison: We did not beat!
15:54 actual
The address of the police cannot be found in the dog torture case!
14:59 actual
'How will Erdoğan make amends without providing justice for the murder of Emine's family?'
14:01 actual
Secondary school student discriminated for his Kurdish name
13:04 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submits new application for a visit in İmralı
13:01 actual
13 killed, 58 injured as a result of the attacks of Iran
13:01 actual
KDP targets youth in Shengal
12:10 editor's pick
SNJ sends postcards to 16 imprisoned journalists in solidarity
12:03 editor's pick
Kurdistani Alliance: Iran's attacks are a clear expression of hostility towards Kurds
17:24 actual
İran Army: The attacks were within the knowledge of the KDP
16:12 actual
'Every day spent in front of the courthouse is a shame for those who rule Turkey'
16:09 actual
Turkey ranks 11th in individual armament: It is used against women
14:41 actual
Iran attacked bases of Kurdish parties: 7 dead, 25 injured
11:39 actual
Political prisoners: We are faced to face with an execution system unlike any other in anywhere in the world
11:19 actual
Political prisoner released after 30 years: It was sorrow and joy intertwined
10:46 actual
Justice Bureau co-chairs lost their lives in Turkey's attack
18:01 actual
'The withdrawal of Davutoğlu's testimony decision is scandalous'
17:30 actual
Moghaddam: Iran failed to lose the motivation of the protesters
15:56 actual
The Supreme Court applied against the acquittal of the 'good boys'.
15:30 actual
HDP's visit to Şenyaşar family
15:16 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submits new application for a visit in İmralı
13:51 actual
301 penalty request for Çağlar Demirel
12:53 actual
Turkish State's 'illegal radios' are making propaganda
11:36 actual
KJAR member Şaho: There is a rebellion against the system in Iran
17:06 actual
Dişarı, a Democratic Modernity worker, was arrested
17:03 actual
The prosecutor will give his opinion regarding the case against Kulp Municipality Co-mayors
16:04 actual
Semra Güzel has been held in a solitary cell for 23 days
15:19 actual
Emine Şenyaşar: Why don't you find the massacre footage?
15:15 actual
Prison request for Peace Group member Tunç
14:37 actual
Erdogan's 'adopted daughter' turned the confiscated real estate into a guest house
13:22 actual
After TJA conference: We will defeat evil with female power
12:05 actual
Baskın Oran: Alliance for Labor and Freedom is the key to the country's liberation
09:12 actual
Balaç on death fast sent back to prison
19:02 actual
Labor and Freedom Alliance: Joint struggle will be a step towards democratization
16:34 actual
Condemnation to the confiscation of Xwebûn Newspaper: We will continue to write
16:09 actual
Prisoners are held in cells in Ereğli High Security Prison
15:47 actual
Death under suspicious circumstances in prison: he didn't commit suicide, he was murdered
13:13 actual
Şenyaşar family: Those who stand against this power will lose
12:56 actual
Doğanoğlu: Prescription application violates legal security
11:52 actual
Protersters in Iran: Our only demand is regime change
10:53 actual
Scabies outbreak in prison: Administration confiscated cleaning and bathroom supplies
09:24 actual
Mazlum Abdi's support for protests in Iran
09:21 actual
The family's resistance paid off: Hatice Ay laid to rest with slogans
16:07 actual
Ferit Şenyaşar: The political intervention on the case should be lifted
16:03 actual
Turkish airstrike on Shengal
15:59 actual
New application submitted by Öcalan's family and legal guardian
15:41 actual
KDP is establishing a base area on the hill where the soldiers were shot
15:40 actual
Demirtaş and Mızraklı shaves their head for Jîna Mahsa Amini
15:28 actual
Attorney Şakar: Committee of Ministers cannot act as if there is no ECtHR decision