17:13 actual
A call from prisoner Çalım to support the hunger strike
17:11 actual
Vartinis Case dropped due to the prescription
15:41 actual
Justice Watch against isolation
14:31 actual
Journalist Gök: I have a clear conscience
13:49 actual
Prisoner Atak: Our people must support the hunger strike
13:48 actual
Tanhan, who was released on his deathbed, lost his life
12:41 actual
Prisoners' action for 'Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan' is on its 8th day
12:33 actual
Prisoner on hunger strike attacked
11:55 actual
Journalist Gök being tried for a book written in the 1800s!
11:23 editor's pick
Lawyer whose arm was broken by the police told spoke
09:42 editor's pick
No news from Rojnews editor for 41 days
17:01 actual
House raids in Kerboaran: 1 person detained
16:54 actual
House raids in Muş: 1 young person detained
16:49 actual
Özgür Ülke commemoration: The perpetrators are clear
16:37 actual
What strategy will HEDEP follow in the local elections?
13:08 actual
Cases of Free Press journalists begin
11:40 actual
'Hunger strike is a message to all social dynamics'
11:00 actual
HEDEP MYK met for important agendas
10:52 actual
No news from the detained Rojnews editor for 40 days
10:48 actual
Prisoners' action for 'Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan' is on its 7th day
10:47 actual
Another criminal organization leader caught in Istanbul
17:23 actual
Call to 'end isolation' from the Peace Watch
17:09 actual
90 percent disabled prisoner on hunger strike for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan
16:04 actual
Elçiçek's remains delivered to her family in a cardboard box
15:48 actual
Second application to the Constitutional Court for Can Atalay
15:47 actual
Meeting application from Abdullah Öcalan's family and trustee
15:32 actual
22 people detained in Bedlis
14:15 actual
Prisoners been on hunger strike for 5 days
14:13 actual
Seriously ill prisoner not release despite of being on a drip
14:13 actual
Dismissed TTB Secretary General Bulut: The president of the court was put under pressure
13:50 actual
Local election calendar publishes
13:06 actual
Trials of 3 freedom press journalists begin
12:46 actual
Release of a 30-year-old ill prisoner postponed
11:47 actual
There are 12 new prisons in the ministry's 'justice' budget
08:42 actual
2 people beaten and detained in Nisebîn
17:15 actual
81-year-old Özer will be held in prison as for the ATK report
14:41 actual
Cemal Tanhan been fighting for his life for 39 days
14:38 actual
Meeting application from Asrın Law Firm for Abdullah Öcalan
14:36 actual
Prisoner on hunger strike: We want the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan
14:29 actual
No news from the journalist detained by KDP for 37 days
14:29 actual
Hunger strike for demanding 'freedom for Abdullah Öcalan' is on its 4th day
14:08 actual
Bar Association President: Elçi's murder case is being dragged into impunity
14:00 actual
'Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan' campaign: A delegation will be sent to Turkey
17:37 actual
IHD applies to the Ministry of Justice to send a delegation to İmralı
17:14 actual
Tahir Elçi Case: The file will be sent to the prosecutor's office for opinion
16:57 actual
HEDEP: We will not stop until the isolation is lifted
16:49 actual
6 people detained in Mersin
16:46 actual
Prisoners' hunger strike is on its 3rd day
16:33 actual
Journalist Ahmet's lawyer: Despite the prosecutor's decision, meeting with Ahmet is not allowed
16:16 economy-labor
Confidence in the economy of Turkey decreased