16:59 editor's pick
Hozan Canê: They can't intimidate artists with prison sentences
12:55 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submits new application for a visit
12:54 actual
Salaz: Turkey found representation in Baghdad Assembly via KDP
11:03 actual
Ömer: No results will be obtained from Syria Constitution Committee meeting
10:22 actual
Şenyaşar Family: Human values of those remaining silent to this tragedy is questionable
10:01 actual
KDP acts as a pawn for Turkish Armed Forces
11:39 actual
Mother whose headscarf confiscated by police: They cannot tolerate the colors of the Kurds
11:31 actual
Students protest food and dormitory prices in Van
11:30 actual
'HDP is prevented from angaging in politics via Kobané Case'
12:49 actual
New application submitted by Öcalan's attorneys, family and guardian
12:46 actual
Kurdish education campaign from Şırnak Bar
12:45 actual
Özsoy: Tough times ahead of Turkey in Syria
12:44 actual
Scores detained in Istanbul
12:43 actual
Parliamentary immunity of 4 MPs filed to be removed in Turkish parliament
15:38 actual
MED TUHAD-FED calls for awareness for violations of rights in prisons
15:37 actual
Application for meeting from Öcalan's lawyers
15:36 actual
Graveyard attacks move to UN
15:35 actual
'Demand of Baybars on death fast must be met'
15:34 actual
Erdogan turned his route back to Northern and Eastern Syria
14:14 actual
MEBYA-DER: Bodies of HPG members not released to families despite DNA match
14:13 actual
Case against Demirtaş for 'insulting' Davutoğlu, postponed
14:13 actual
Statement by Çavuşoğlu on Syria
10:06 actual
Historian Malyshev: Armenia is not to accept the situation in Karabakh
17:09 actual
Journalist threatened with death by police: Police repression against journalists in Ankara is chronic
16:29 actual
Indictment prepared for killer of HDP's Deniz Poyraz
16:28 actual
Peace Mothers march to Pêşxabur to claim the bodies of their children
13:59 actual
Şenyaşar family: Justice requires responsibility and conscience
12:23 actual
Syria Foreign Minister Mikdad: It is time for the occupation of Turkey to end
12:23 actual
Iraqi Prime Minister Kazimi: Baghdadi's right hand man captured
12:22 actual
Fatma Öcalan: We want to meet with my brother
11:06 actual
Allegation regarding Turkey's usage of chemical weapons gets stronger
11:05 actual
Either the perpetrators are 'unknown' or their deaths are 'in accordance with the law'
18:39 actual
Mass torture in Urfa No 2 Type T Prison
16:25 actual
Chemical weapons used in Werxelê: 5 HPG members killed
14:57 actual
Şenyaşar Family's sit in enters day 215
12:47 actual
Lawyers of Dedeoğulları: It has been proven with documents that it is a racist attack
12:47 actual
HDP: HDP: Free life option for Turkey held in captivity in Imrali
12:46 actual
6th anniversary of October 10 Massacre: Our cause is creating an environment we can live under democratic conditions
11:22 actual
US forces withdrawing from Iraq
11:21 actual
Conspiracy in its 23rd year: Öcalan frustrated all political interventions
13:39 actual
Şenyaşar Family demanding justice for 213 days
13:37 actual
KDP detains HDP Hewlér Representatives
13:36 actual
Man loses his life before he sees his son in prison for the last 15 years
13:35 actual
MGKP: We continue to write with the brave pen of Gurbetelli Ersöz
11:20 actual
Court sends two Boğaziçi University students to prison after complaint by trustee
10:41 actual
Journalist Salaz: We will not be surprised if we see the Turkmens in the operations
10:11 actual
Despite assurances given to ECtHR, file was closed
15:05 actual
New investigation against Ferit Şenyaşar
15:05 actual
Turkish police detain 200 in raids against paper collectors in Istanbul
15:04 actual
Forestry Directorate claims it cut trees on orders of soldiers