Law suit filed against musicians singing Kurdish songs


VAN - Fuat Ege, one of the musicians with the band Koma Awaza Azad who was sued for 'Mizgina leheng', one of the songs of the band, said the reason why a law suit was filed against them was the intolerance for Kurdish.

At the Newroz celebration held on March 21 with the slogan "Let's resist with the Newroz fire, let's liberate ourselves" on March 21 with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people in Van, a lawsuit was filed against the artists of Koma Awaza Azad, who took the stage at the Aryen Culture, Art and Research Association. An indictment was prepared against artists Fuat Ege and Rohat Aram on the grounds of the song "Mizgîna leheng", which Hozan Serhat (Süleyman Alpdoğan) sang in reference to Hozan Mizgîn. Following the acceptance of the indictment, the first hearing of the case will be held on September 30 at Van 4th High Criminal Court.
Stating that he was asked why he sang a song that was banned at the interrogation at the police headquarters, Ege said: "A song that is loved by the people can not be banned. All songs in all languages must be sang freely."
Stating that the reason why the song was banned is the intolerance for Kurdish, Ege said: "They don't want Kurdish arts to progress. Not seeing the enthusiasm of the people in that front and filing law suits is clearly hatred against the Kurdish language and arts. They can't stand out enthusiasm, our Newroz celebrations."
Underlining that the aim is to intimidate Kurdish Artists, Ege said: "We will not give up our art at all costs. They can sue as 20 times, but we will do all that we can to develop our arts and culture. We will never take a step back."
MA / Cemil Uğur

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