Platform Against Occupation: Every Kurd must take their place in the resistance

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  • 10:07 17 September 2021
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NEWS CENTER - Aziz Mamlê, a member of the Platform Against Occupation, stated that the attacks against the Federated Kurdistan Region had reached a very dangerous point and said, "Anyone who says 'I am a Kurd' should take part in the resistance."

The military operation launched by Turkey on April 23 against Metina, Avaşîn and Zap in the Federated Kurdistan Region continues. KDP-affiliated forces participating in Turkey's operations also launched attacks against the HPG at many points in the region. KDP's Zêrewan and Gulan special forces established new bases in many points as far as Metîna and Biradost region. KDP detained 3 HPG members near Bêxme village of Xelifan, and 7 people lost their lives in their attacks on HPG members who were trying to cross the Zap River.
While Turkey's KDP-supported operation continues, the bombardment of Maxmur and Shengal with Turkish Armed Forces warplanes and drones continues.
The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), which took action after the operation against Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn and the KDP's involvement in the attacks, continues its activities in the Federated Kurdistan Region and in many parts of the world. A conference was held in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, with the participation of many Kurdish politicians, intellectuals, writers and journalists, including the KNK. Announcing its establishment at this conference, the "Platform Against Occupation" held a second conference in the Netherlands. At the second conference, a final declaration was published with the signature of 1,138 people. In the declaration, all Kurdistani forces were called to "take a common stance against the occupation". 
Aziz Mamlê, a member of the Platform Against Occupation Committee, evaluated the conferences they held and the ongoing operations.
Expressing that they organized a conference to stand against the occupation, Mamlê said that they established a platform after the first conference and that they held the second conference as a result of the work of this team. Mamlê explained the founding purpose of the platform as follows: "Our purpose in establishing this platform was actually to oppose the occupation and occupation policy. At the conference, a joint statement was made with the participation of organizations and parties in 4 parts of Kurdistan, and 1,138 people, including Kurdish leaders, condemned the occupation of Kurdistan and signed the statement.”
Expressing that serious and important evaluations were made at the conference held in the Netherlands, Mamlê said, "At the conference, evaluations were made on the occupation of Kurdistan, and as a result, suggestions were made on how we can stand against the occupation. This was very meaningful. In fact, one of our purposes for holding this conference is political opinion. We were curious about the attitudes of Kurdish writers, artists and intellectuals against this occupation. This conference was a necessity. However, it was also important to get an answer to the role and mission of the Kurdish people against the occupation, and how the Kurdish parties and institutions took a stand against this occupation. At the conference, evaluations were made on all the recent developments in Kurdistan."
Sharing that commissions were established during the conference, Mamlê said, "One of them is the diplomacy commission. This commission will hold talks with foreign states. In addition, on the press-communication commission established, a one-to-one convection of the events is planned to break the silence of the European states against the occupation. On the other hand, it is planned to communicate with the organizations and parties of Kurdistan. 
Stating that there is a relentless resistance against the occupation, Mamlé said: "Fighting against the occupation is one of the main responsibilities of every Kurd. The attacks against Kurdistan have reached a very dangerous stage. For the first time in the history of Kurdistan, we are faced with such a crisis and a threat. For this reason, the Kurdish people must see the threats and all Kurdish institutions and organizations must stand up to them. We must organize and stand against the attack against gains of Kurdistan. Otherwise, we will lose a great deal. We have the opportunity to get through this. There is resistance. Turkey has been attacking Metina, Zap and Avaşîn since April 23. But it has not made any progress until today. Because there is a relentless resistance against the occupation. If the Kurds unite, we can repel these attacks. The Kurds have this power."
Drawing attention to the importance of unity of the Kurds, Mamlê said, "All Kurdish institutions and parties should know very well that these attacks are not only directed against a part of Kurdistan. These attacks are against the whole of Kurdistan. Therefore, everyone should approach this process sensitively and seriously. Everyone who says 'I am a Kurd' must take place in the resistance. That's why every Kurd must take a stand against this occupation. What we need right now is resistance. All four parts of Kurdistan must resist together. We need to unite our strength and energy. Turkey wants to invade Kurdistan. Let's unite. As far as we follow, the situation is critical. Today, the unity of the Kurds is more important, valuable and necessary than ever. What we need in such a process is to display the same attitude, use the same language and resist together."
MA / Zeynep Durgut

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