Allegation regarding Turkey's usage of chemical weapons gets stronger

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  • 11:06 11 October 2021
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URFA - The allegation that Turkey used chemical weapons in its cross-border operations is getting stronger. During last month, 548 people who applied to the hospital in Behdinan have been taken to military hospitals by the KDP forces.
The operations launched by Turkey on April 23 against the Federated Kurdistan Region continue with bombardments. Discussions about the use of chemical weapons in air strikes, especially in the last three months, remain current. The people of Behdinan, who do not want to leave their villages despite the heavy bombardments and pressure, are also affected. It was learned that officials from Turkey held a meeting with the headmen, together with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Politburo officials. The village headmen, who were asked to provide intelligence about the PKK's activity, were threatened not to speak to anyone about the use of chemical weapons.
According to the information obtained from reliable sources in the region, especially in the last month, 548 people in the Behdînan region, especially in Kanîmasi and its surroundings, complained of excessive tearing of the eyes, blurred vision, sudden headaches, nosebleeds, difficulty in breathin and rash applied to the surrounding hospitals.
It was alleged that those who went to hospitals with such complaints were picked up by the "Crisis Desk" teams established by the KDP and taken to the mobile hospital established at the Bamernê Military and Logistics Base, and they were kept secret. The locals complain that they first poison them with chemicals and then claim that they threat them.
In the October 9 statement of the People's Defense Forces (HPG), which was reported in the Fırat News Agency (ANF), it was stated that Turkey used chemical weapons in the Werxelê region. HPG stated that violent clashes took place in the Werxele region on October 5, and that Turkey bombarded the region after its failure to make any progress from land. It was stated that Turkey used chemical weapons against the region on October 8 following the ongoing clashes, and 5 HPG members lost their lives.
In the statement, it was underlined that Turkey bombed the Hirore village in the Berwarî Bala region with chemical weapons 5 times on September 5, 3 people were injured in these attacks, and  due to the damage to their internal organs, it was confirmed that chemical weapons were used.
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