MEBYA-DER: Bodies of HPG members not released to families despite DNA match

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  • 14:14 13 October 2021
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ŞIRNAK - MEBYA-DER Şırnak Co-Chair Serhat Küçük stated that the bodies identified were not released to the families and said that the families were tortured over the bodies.
The bodies of HPG members who lost their lives in the clashes in the ongoing military operations in the rural areas of Şırnak are not released to their families. Although the bodies, which were taken to the Şırnak State Hospital Morgue, were identified by the families, the families are stalled on grounds of DNA testing. While the families are not informed about the results of the blood samples taken for DNA testing for months, the bodies are buried in the cemetery of the nameless in many parts of the city after being kept in the hospital for two weeks.
Şırnak Co-chair of the Association for Assistance, Solidarity, Unity and Culture (MEBYA-DER) with Families Who Lost Their Relatives in the Cradle of Civilizations, Serhat Küçük mentioned the difficulties faced by families who want to come to the city to claim the bodies of their children.
Stating that everything was done by the authorities to cause difficulties for families, Küçük said, "We have faced very serious difficulties on this way. Families who learned that their children lost their lives in the clashes in the press and social media are flocks to Şırnak. Families who come here identify their children but the bodies are not released to them. The authorities impose DNA testing and stall the families over the DNA tests. DNA test results usually come back in 2 weeks however these families are kept waiting for months. And during that time, their children are buried in the cemetery of the nameless."
Calling on the families, Küçük said, "Families do not need to go to the place where the incident took place for DNA testing. Every family can apply to the prosecutor's office in their own city. We do not want our families to come here from a long way. We can get it done through the prosecutor's office. I also call on the authorities to stop stalling the families."

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