KDP acts as a pawn for Turkish Armed Forces

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  • 10:01 19 October 2021
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DUHOK - KDP, which acts as an intermediary and aid to the Turkish Armed Forces in the Federated Kurdistan Region, has become a pawn due to its 42 billion dollars of money in Turkish banks, a 50-year oil deal and 400 billion dollars of corruption.

The military operations launched by Turkey on April 23 against the Federated Kurdistan Region continue with heavy bombardments. In the last three months, the use of chemical weapons and poisonous gas in airstrikes has been reflected to the public. The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), acting in line with Turkey, shares the intelligence it has obtained through the military checkpoints it has established with the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). As a result of KDP's intelligence, the region is bombed with F-16 warplanes and Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SİHA).
Since the first day of the operations, Turkey is deploying troops to the Mervanos area of ​​the Avaşîn region, Mamreşo and Pyramid Hills, the Kinyaniş Nerwê Strait in the Zap region, the Bedewê Castle area, the Zendur Hill in the Metîna region, the Derare area and the Coordinate Strait. The TAF, which could not get any results in the past 6 months, is looking for a solution through the KDP. Zerewan, affiliated with the KDP and the Barzani family, the Gulan Forces and the forces called "Roj Peshmerga" are collecting intelligence for the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) by establishing dozens of search points in the border region, such as Metîna, Biradost and Binarê Qendil.
In the second week of the operation, when the TAF was unable to land soldiers with helicopters, the KDP's Zerewan and Gulan special forces had to establish a military base close to the Kanî Masî sub-district over the Amediyê district of Duhok. In addition to large military bases in Bamernê, Seramiş, Begova, Amediyê and Batufa in the Behdînan region, the Turkish Armed Forces established dozens of bases and check points under the leadership of KDP in the region starting with Kanî Masî and Biradost and Haci Umran districts. The Presidency's Directorate of Communications announced that as of July 6, 2020, they established 37 bases with the support of friends of the Turkish army (KDP-Barzani family) in areas as deep as 40 kilometers from the border, but it is known that this number is much higher.
While the protection of these bases are provided by Gulan, Zerewan and Roj Peshmerga, dozens of villages were evacuated due to the security of the bases.
The special forces of the KDP want to narrow the movement area of ​​the PKK members with the search points they set up in the said regions and areas. Thus, location information is sent to aircraft and drones. The first concrete practice of the joint policy of Turkey and the KDP was Zînî Wertê. Before that, the groundwork for this policy was prepared in many regions. Afterwards, on November 23, 2020, a part of the military force consisting of military vehicles and heavy weapons sent by the KDP from Hewler to the Qesrê and Heci Umran areas on Şaqlawa was placed in the Rayetê Fortress of the Saddam era, located between the Çoman and Heci Umran areas. Later, Gulan and Roj peshmerga were also sent to lead these military forces. While there had been no airstrikes in the region until that day, a comprehensive air strike was carried out by the TSK a month after these forces were deployed to the region, and a guerrilla lost his life as it was announced by the HPG. 300 animals were killed in the targeted barn in a village in the Berdesor district.
In particular, within the framework of the preparations for the Garê operation, the statement of Hulusi Akar, the Minister of National Defense of Turkey, clarified that the intelligence was provided by the KDP when he said: "We are carrying out the operation with the help of our friends and allies", referring to these special forces affiliated with the KDP.
The same policy was experienced in the incident in Xinêre, in which one of the HPG commanders, Agit Garzan, and the peshmerga commander of the Iraqi Central government, who went to the region for mediation, were shot down from the air by Turkey. The forces affiliated with the KDP stated that they would first enter the area and hold some points. An attempt was made in this direction, but when it failed, some personalities affiliated to the Iraqi central government wanted to step in. Disturbed by this, it was stated that the KDP organized the TSK attack.
While the policy in question continued before and after Turkey's Garê operation, there was a serious transfer of ammunition and logistics among the peshmerga forces in the Behdinan area. The working time of the peshmerga used to be 8 days a month, the rest of the month were holidays. These working hours were increased to more than 15 days by changing the task schedule with the new circular. On the other hand, the checkpoints, which used to be 3, was increased to 12, especially in the Berwarî region of Duhok and Amediye. It was increased to 6 on the Mireba road-Banye Sersing road in Shexan district. The points on the Etruscan-Kelha Şikefta road in Şêxan district were increased from 2 to 6. In addition, 24-hour uninterrupted patrols were started on these routes, and this situation continued with the construction of military bases, points and outposts for the TAF and MIT with the start of the operation against the Metina, Avaşîn and Zap regions.
In order to legitimize the operations and attacks launched by Turkey on the region on April 23, commissions consisting of military and civilian administrators within the KDP were established upon the request of Mesrur ​​Barzani, the Prime Minister of the Regional Government and Turkey. These commissions are led by KDP Politburo member Ali Ewnî, Duhok Governor Ali Tatar, Peshmerga Ministry Commander Raid Muzaffer and Neqip Omer.
The teams established under the leadership of these people are making propaganda to legitimize Turkey's attacks against the people protesting those attacks. The villagers in the region are told, “PKK members are not from Bashur, they are not even guests, they are invaders. The Turkish state-AKP government is a democratic party, it gives the Kurds all their rights, including their mother tongue".
Although it is stated that the reason was the 50-year oil contract signed between Turkey and KDP, the main reason is appears to be the $42 billion of the Barzani family's money in Turkish banks. In addition, there are concerns that the Barzani family will be a partner in hundreds of Turkish companies in many cities of Turkey, especially in Kayseri and Malatya, and in the Federated Kurdistan region, and that this will be exposed. The fact that the $400 billion deficit identified by the Iraqi government was not revealed, and the establishment of a commission to investigate corruption among Iraqi and Kurdistan government officials brought the KDP to the point of submitting to the TAF. Turning these concerns into opportunities, Turkey sees the KDP as a sub-organization that is responsible for doing what it says not an equal partner or a party in this conflict.
 MA / Erdoğan Altan

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