Aydeniz: The way to a free life is through resistance

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  • 11:41 27 November 2021
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SIRNAK - Addressing the citizens who migrated due to the repression policies of the KDP in Federated Kurdistan, DBP Co-chair Saliha Aydeniz, said: "The way to create a free life is through resistance."
The public's reaction against the anti-democratic practices carried out by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in the Federated Kurdistan Region continues. While hundreds of people protesting the KDP's policies were detained and arrested in the Behdinan region, many had to leave the region. While public employees have not been able to receive their full salaries for years due to the disagreements between the Iraqi Government and the KDP, the revenues from oil, which is the country's national resources, are not distributed fairly.
Evaluating the crisis of the people in the Federated Kurdistan Region and the policies of the KDP, Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Co-Chair Saliha Aydeniz said that the KDP carries out a policy of oppression. Expressing that people are being oppressed by the KDP, Aydeniz said, “People have achieved a status in Bashur with great sacrifices. The will of the people must be recognized."
Stating that the pressure of the KDP on the people of Federated Kurdistan is similar to the policies carried out against the Kurds in Turkey, Aydeniz said, “The policies carried out by the KDP in Bashur today are similar to the policies carried out by Turkey in Turkish Kurdistan in the 1980s-90s. If the government implements policies in line with the interests of a certain family or political party, populist, egalitarian and libertarian policies cannot be carried out. Today, we see the problems experienced by the  intellectuals, writers, healthcare professionals and students in Başûr due to the oppression. People are raising their voices against this system. Because there are very bad situations in terms of law, human rights and free life. This is done by the hand of the KDP. The KDP is implementing these lawless policies for its own interests. It takes Turkey as an example in this regard. The same policies that Turkey carries out against the Kurdish people are being implemented by the KDP in Bashur
Stating that intellectuals, writers, journalists, teachers and workers have carried out a great resistance against the KDP's policies, Aydeniz said, "This resistance shows that the policies carried out by the KDP are not egalitarian and democratic for the people of Bashur, and that they do not carry out appropriate policies for an equal and free life of the people. These policies are the bullying of the KDP to maintain its own power. Just as the government in Turkey cannot meet the demands of the people and implements a policy of tyranny and persecution, the KDP is doing the same in Bashur. KDP, like Turkey, is also hostile to Kurds. That's why the crises in Bashur do not end."
Noting that the citizens of Kurdistan had to migrate to European countries due to the policies pursued by the KDP in the Federated Kurdistan Region, Aydeniz drew attention to the human tragedy on the Belarus-Poland border. Pointing out the number of citizens from Kurdistan among the thousands of refugees waiting at the border, Aydeniz said that everyone has the right to eat and live safely in the lands where they were born in.
Aydeniz said, “It is the right of the Kurds to live, especially in the Kurdish geography. Because they have been fighting for their lands for years. The struggle against these policies must grow. Leaving your land is not the solution. Cruelty, oppression and dirty policies are carried out in all countries. The way to a free life is through resistance."
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