Karayılan announced names of chemicals used in Federated Kurdistan

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  • 14:52 27 November 2021
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NEWS CENTER - Responding to Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, who denied the use of chemical gas, PKK Executive Committee Member Murat Karayılan announced that they had detected 5 types of chemical weapons used against them in the operation so far.

PKK Executive Committee Member Murat Karayılan made a statement regarding the chemical weapons, which are stated to have been used in the operation Turkey has been carrying out in the Federated Kurdistan Region since April 23. The findings about which were sent to international organisations recently. Speaking in a program he attended on Stêrk TV regarding the use of chemical weapons, which called for an "on-site investigation" from the United Nations to human rights organizations, from experts to intellectuals, Karayılan told that they have determined that Turkey has used 5 types of chemical weapons against them so far.
According to Fırat News Agency (ANF), Karayılan stated that Sarin gas, a suffocating gas containing Chlorine, Sulphure Mustant, pepper spray and a gas causing memory loss and temporary paralysis were used.
Karayılan listed and defined these five types of gases as follows:
“* One of them is nerve gas known as Sarin. In other words, it freezes the nerve cells of the person, stunning them and causing the person to die in a short time. The main substance of this gas is called Tabun. When this weapon is used, it usually smells of fruit, but sometimes there is no smell at all.
* The second chemical weapon they use causes the people to suffocate. This weapon contains Chloropin gas. This gas is also called Green Cross. This formulation was first developed by the Germans during World War I. It has been in the hands of the Turks since then. Maybe now the Turks may be doing it on their own, but of course there is a possibility that they are doing it together with the Germans. The main origin of this weapon is Germany. This weapon suffocates people in its area of ​​effect.
* The other gas is a combustible gas. This gas burns and dries people. Its chemical name is Sulfur Mustant. This is also German made. Another name used for this gas is Yellow Cross. A yellow smoke comes out of it and it burns its surroundings.
* Another gas they use makes people sluggish, causes memory loss and knocks them out. People become debilitated and suffer from temporary paralysis. As in the case of Kartal Tepesi, they use this gas in many places.
* Fifth is the pepper spray. In other words, it is the gas they currently use in social events. Of course, when it is used in a narrow area or in a tunnel it becomes a deadly gas.”
Responding to Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, who denied the use of chemical gas Karayılan said, "He said they only use the pepper sprey. It is a lie. They are using these 5 substances that we have been able to detect so far." Karayılan stated that they went to renew themselves based on the experiences of this year's war and that they have now developed measures against chemicals, and said, "We think that we will defeat even if two Turkish armies attacks us." 

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