KDP deported 14 HDP members: The aim is a Kurdistan without Kurds

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  • 10:19 6 December 2021
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NEWS CENTER - HDP Hewlêr representatives stated that members who did not bow to the pressures of the KDP were deported, and said, "The KDP is trying to favor Turkey with its policy of a 'Kurdistan without Kurds'

Economic, political and social crises in the Federated Kurdistan Region are deepening on a daily basis. The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which holds the administration, is looking for a way out of the crisis through attacks on opposition groups. Students, who have been affected by the crisis, take to the streets to protest. Hundreds of students were injured due to the attacks of the Public Security forces, and many students were detained.
The KDP targeted Kurdish politicians this time. Kurdish politicians who settled in the Federated Kurdistan Region due to Turkey's pressure are either arrested or deported. In the last 3 years, 14 members and representatives of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) were deported from Hewlêr, Duhok and Zaho by the KDP.
Representatives and members of HDP in the Federated Kurdistan Region made evaluations about the crises in the region and the pressures of the KDP.
HDP Hewler Representative Hikmet Hatip stated that the KDP deported its members without giving any reason, and said, “Our friends are living in exile in their own lands. The KDP says it is a Kurdish and Kurdistani party. It's just words. In practice, KDP is trying to help Turkey with the policy of Kurdistan without Kurds by deporting anyone not from them."
Stating that another pressure against its members is the imposition of spying, Hatip said, "KDP fulfills the demands of AKP and MHP perfectly. KDP implements exactly the same policy of political genocide  of the Turkish state against HDP. The KDP implements the same policies of threats and intimidation against Kurds. Until now, each of our members has been called to the public order police station many times and subjected to threats. We will fight as long as we can. We will never let the policies of silencing and suppression."
HDP Hewlêr Representative Rêdûr Penaber stated that the KDP acted in accordance with Turkey's wishes and instructions and said, "As you know, Kurdish politicians who were punished came to Basûrê Kurdistan instead of going to Europe. The KDP forces had detained our friend Metin Adugit before and then murdered him. Many of our friends have been deported so far and these efforts are still continuing. In short, all our comrades who have been sentenced by Turkish courts are demanded to be deported."
Expressing that the KDP has increased the pressure to suppress democratic mass organizations, Penaber said, “Our friends, who do not accept the imposition of spying by the KDP and its partner Turkey, are being deported. The KDP sees the Kurdish politicians in their region as a threat and implements its special war policies. Their hostility against the PKK blinded the KDP. Since it cannot buy Kurdish politicians with money, it resorts to different methods. With these practices, the KDP offers de facto support for Turkey's plan to liquidate the Kurds. KDP is afraid of organized Kurds. That is why all their efforts are to create a Kurdistan without Kurds.”
Stating that the safety of Kurdish politicians in the region is in danger, Penaber said, "There is no security of life for any Kurdish politician in the region because of these dirty policies of the KDP. The policies of arrest, torture, spying and destruction have become routine in the region. KDP is not a Kurdistani party, it is a party of dark forces."
Kürdistan partisi değil, karanlık bir partidir" şeklinde konuştu.  
MA / Zeynep Durgut

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