24 Turkish drone attacks in 28 months: 31 died , 35 injured

URFA - In the last 28 months, Turkey's 24 drone attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria resulted in 31 deaths and 35 injuries.
In Syria, protests launched in 2011 against the ruling Baathist regime soon escalated into a civil war, killing tens of thousands of people and displacing millions. The Kurds, who organised the peoples on the basis of freedom through a third way option, declared autonomy together with the peoples living in Northern and Eastern Syria. The Rojava revolution, in which women took a leading role, attracted the attention of the world public opinion in a short time.
While the democratic, ecological and women's libertarian paradigm was a source of inspiration to all oppressed peoples, it garnered the reaction of local, regional and global reactionary and colonial powers. The peoples' freedom march was tried to be eliminated by Turkey in the first place. Turkey, which started its anti-Kurdish policy on August 24, 2016 under the name of "Euphrates Shield", took over the regions controlled by ISIS. Deepening its attacks with the "Operation Olive Branch" on January 20, 2018, Turkey began bombing Afrin with the permission of international forces. On October 9, 2019, Turkey, which received the approval of the USA and Russia to create a so called "Buffer Zone", attacked Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê simultaneously from air and ground, together with paramilitary forces gathered under Syrian National Army (SMO) with "Operation Peace Spring".
Turkey's attacks against the Kurds, who liberated the territory where ISIS established a state, continue today. The city of Kobanê, known by the whole world for its resistance against ISIS between 2014 and 2015 has always been Turkey's target. Turkey, which has formed paramilitary groups from ISIS remnants, continues to attack with a new method every day to destabilize the region. Turkey has been carrying out attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria with drones (SİHA) in the last 3 years.
Turkey carried out 24 drone attacks against the Kurds in 2020, 2021 and until May 13.  31 people died in the attacks, 35 people were injured. 12 of these attacks were carried out in 2022. The details of the 24 drone attacks that took place between January 12, 2020 and May 12 are as follows:
*January 12, 2020: In the drone attack, the Digurê village of the Tirbespîyê District was targeted. Material damage occured and 5 civilians were injured in the attack.
* April 28, 2020: The drone hit a point under the control of the security forces in Kobanê. While there was no loss of life in the attack, material damage occurred.
* June 23, 2020: Drones bombarded the village of Helince in Kobane. Zehra Berkel, Hebûn Mele Xelîl and Emina Weysî, members of the Kongreya Star Euphrates Region Coordination, lost their lives in the attack.
* October 20, 2020: In the attack carried out by drones, 2 civilians lost their lives in the Merzê village of Dêrik.
* January 22, 2021 drones bombed a house in Memit village, south of Kobanê, a civilian named Fehid Eli Şihadê was injured.
* July 11, 2021: Drones bombarded Til Rifat. Welîd Ereb (5), Nîhad Mihemed Ali(32), Hêvîn Reşid(40), and Suzan Mamo(30), were injured as a result of the attack.
* August 19, 2021: The Zirgan town of Til Temir was attacked by drones. As a result of the attack, 4 members of the Til Temir Military Council lost their lives.
* October 20, 2021: As a result of the drones targeting a civilian vehicle in the city center of Kobanê, 2 people lost their lives and 3 people were injured.
* October 23, 2021: A civilian vehicle was attacked on the Kobanê-Aleppo road, 3 people lost their lives.
* November 9, 2021: Drones targeted a vehicle in the Hilêliye District of Qamişlo. Yusuf Gulo, Mazlum Mustafa Gulo, Mihemed Mehmud Gulo lost their lives in the targeted vehicle.
* December 25, 2021: A drone targeted a house in Kobane. In the attack, 5 people lost their lives and 4 people were injured.
* February 3, 2022: Drones bombed a vehicle in the Xerzê village of Dirbesiyê in the city of Hesekê in Northern and Eastern Syria, 2 people were injured.
* February 9, 2022: A Turkish drone attacked a vehicle on the Amude-Dirbesiyê highway. In the attack, a child named Mihemed Eli Kelah (11) lost his life and 3 citizens were injured.
* February 12, 2022: Drones targeted a bakery on the Direbêsiye road in the city of Amudê, and one person was injured.
* February 24, 2022: 4 people, including 3 women, were injured in a drone attack on a vehicle on the Qamişlo-Amude road.
* April 2, 2022: One person was killed and 2 people, including Kurdish artist Ferhad Merdê, were injured in the attack carried out by drone on a vehicle near the village of Hasûde in Tirbespiyê.
* April 3, 2022: Drones bombed a vehicle in which Orm Maruki, a member of the Assyrian Military Council Command, was driving. 2 people were injured.
* April 4, 2022: Drones bombed the headquarters of the Internal Security Forces in Zirgan, 3 people were injured.
* April 9, 2022: Asayish member named Mihemed Aydin lost his life in the attack carried out by drones in Dirbesiyê.
* April 20, 2022: Drones targeted a vehicle on the Êdiq-Textik highway south of Kobanê. 3 women died.
* April 22, 2022: Turkish drones targeted a vehicle on the road to Um El-Beramil village east of Ain Îsa.
* April 25, 2022: Drones launched an attack on Mihsenli village of Manbij.
* May 11, 2022: Drones launched two attacks on Kobanê. The first attack was carried out on the Aleppo road to the south of Kobanê, and the second attack was against Kobanê city center. Ekrem Ustak (50) died in the attack.
* May 12, 2022: The villages of Xirab Êto, Dîkmedaş and Şêxlera Jorîn in the west of Kobanê were bombed by drones.
MA / Emrullah Acar

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