'The victory of Shengal will be the liberation of Iraqi politics'

NEWS CENTER - Emphasizing that the democratic autonomy model in Shengal is a concrete example of coexistence, journalist Sinur Rahmen Ragiyan said, "The victory of Shengal will be the liberation of Iraqi politics."
The attacks launched by the Iraqi army on Shengal on May 2, with the support of Turkey and the pressure of the KDP, were repelled by the resistance of the Yazidis. While the Iraqi army, which had to withdraw, maintains its presence in the region, the KDP continues to target Shengal. Finally, the Federal Kurdistan Regional Prime Minister Masrour Barzani put forward the "Shengal Agreement" and demanded that the Iraqi army do what is necessary. Sinur Rahmen Ragiyan, who works as a journalist in the region, evaluated the latest developments in Shengal and the Federated Kurdistan Region.
Expressing that Turkey has been in contact with the Federated Kurdistan Region for a long time in terms of political, commercial and economic interests and is preparing for an attack, Ragiyan said, "This latest attack is a continuation of the attack on April 23 last year. Although Turkey planned to achieve great results in these areas in a short time and to occupy a large area, it could not get the desired result in the face of HPG resistance for months. Now Turkey is aiming to avenge the past with the operation. Turkey is attacking the lands of Bashur Kurdistan by using all means and methods and wants to invade it. These attacks endanger the lives of the people of Bashur and violate the Iraqi constitution." 
Pointing out that Turkey-KDP relations are caused only by the economy, Ragiyan said, “There is a lot of information that suggests that the costs of the attacks and the bombings were paid by some Bashur parties. Despite the support, Turkey cannot progress as they want. The European Union and hegemonic powers are involved in this war. The target of Turkey's attacks is not only against the states in the region. The plans Turkey want to put into practice are not a secret. Hegemonic powers have an important role in intervening in the energy sources of Kurdistan. Therefore, Turkey's attacks are not only against Bashur, but also all the states in the region. Turkey is the cause of many conflicts and tensions in the region. Despite all this, Turkey is heading towards a collapse within itself.”
Referring to the attacks on Shengal, Ragiyan said: "We know that Kazimi is a person involved in intelligence work and he is not a kind of person that can rule Iraq. Iraq did not remain silent in the face of previous attacks, but they carried out the latest attacks themselves. We see that the Turkish state is following a special policy towards Shengal through the KDP, with Sunnis in Iraq, some Shiite parties or Shiite personalities. It plays an influential role on Arab parties. The alliances, approaches and agreements we have seen with the KDP in Iraq are not aimed at eliminating the corruption in the administration of the Iraqi people, but also reveal the security threats against Iraq. Shengal is a very special and important test because the new life being established in Shengal is an example of a common life in Iraq.”
Pointing out that Shengal is at a strategic point due to its location, Ragiyan said, “North and East Syria are in the triangle of Bashur and Bakur. Therefore, if the problem in Shengal is resolved, an important step will be taken for national unity. When ISIS attacked Shengal in 2014, the KDP and the Iraqi army left the Yazidis alone. When they occupied Shengal, the KDP and the Iraqi government left Shengal and the Yazidi community in the same situation. Now KDP and Iraqi government want Shengal to be a part of Iraqi politics. Only HPG, YJA STAR and forces in Rojava defended Shengal. After the genocide in 2014, a new life was established in Shengal. The Yazidi community re-established a life there and ruled itself. An equal life was established in Shengal. ISIS especially targeted women in this massacre. Despite this, Shengal is still being targeted.”
Emphasizing that the democratic autonomy model in Shengal is a concrete example of coexistance, Ragiyan said, “The last victory in Shengal is the victory in Zap. The victory of Shengal will be the liberation of Iraqi politics because there is no politics in Iraq. A politics based on the interests of international powers is being carried out. The Shengal issue is not just a geographical issue. The reason of the attacks on Shengal is the life built on an ideology and philosophy. This ideology has become a nightmare for the nation-states. Women are carrying out a great resistance against these attacks. The resistance of women against the Iraqi army is very beautiful and important. But this is also important. Against the resistance of the Kurds, the hegemonic powers of the world has a stance. What has been done in Shengal on May 2 was a result of this but it was repelled with the resistance of the women.
Pointing out that the fight for oil and natural gas deepen the war and conflicts in the region, Ragiyan continued his words as follows: "An energy agreement was signed between Turkey and the Kurdistan Region in 2013. According to the agreement, the 400 million dollar pipeline was completed on November 15, 2013. Oil from the Federated Kurdistan Region has been flowing to Turkey through this line since 2014. Stating that since Kurdistan is not an independent state as a region, it cannot make international agreements on its own, the Baghdad government demands and threatens the KDP to withdraw from it. The KDP does not accept this either because if it does, all its corruption will be exposed and this will bring the end of the KDP. These oil deals do not benefit the public, but only certain segments of the KDP. Without these oil money, the KDP cannot survive even for a week. Protests in the region are also increasing day by day. Therefore, the protests will reach their goal in the near future.”

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