KDP puts forward Dagger Team and Liwa 4 in Turkish attacks in Federated Kurdistan

NEWS CENTER - It has been learned that Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, who went to the border after the loss of soldiers, held a meeting with KDP Politburo Member Eli Ewni for new plans, and put forward the Dagger Team and Liwa 4 groups to the front.
The AKP government, which tried to supress Kurds with its war policies, could not progress for 7 years with the attacks it started on the Federated Kurdistan Region on July 24, 2015. The AKP-MHP government, which could not achieve results with operations and air strikes for years, launched a new wave of attacks on February 10, 2021, with the operation against Garê, where soldiers, police and National Intelligence Agency(MİT) members were held. On February 14, the fourth day of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) attacks, 13 soldiers and police officers who had been detained previously lost their lives.
The "Operation Garê", which Erdogan promised that will bear good news, was the first disappointment of the AKP-MHP government's war concept. After the Garê defeat, the AKP-MHP launched an attack on the Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn regions of the Federated Kurdistan Region on April 23, 2021, but could not get the desired result despite the KDP's intelligence support and chemical weapons attacks.
The AKP-MHP government, which could not advance beyond the border, began preparations for a new wave of attacks. An extraordinary meeting was held in Şırnak on January 21 with the participation of Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar, Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Land Forces Commander General Musa Avsever, Naval Forces Commander Admiral Adnan Özbal, Air Forces Commander General Hasan Küçükakyüz, and operation unit commanders. After the meeting, a new attack launched by AKP-MHP and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) directly into the Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn regions of the Federated Kurdistan Region. Contrary to the advance of the TAF, great losses were suffered in the war, which started on April 17, in which soldiers, rangers, Gulan and Zêrewanî forces affiliated with the KDP, Roj gangs and paramilitary forces were deployed.
Especially as a result of the HPG's actions against the military and logistics bases of Bamernî, Kanîmasî and Sirrê, where the TAF and KDP special forces fight together, Turkey had to withdraw from many points. Despite all the attacks, new plans were put into effect when no progress was made. Within the scope of the plan, TAF generals started to organise motivation seminars for soldiers and paramilitary forces.
During the visits of Defense Minister Hulusi Akar to the border before the National Security Council (NSC) meeting held on May 26, it was learned that he held meetings with members of KDP Politburo Member Eli Ewni, who constantly provoked in the region to prevent the loss of soldiers, the command levels of the special forces affiliated to the KDP and Parastin .
As a result of the meeting, the Dagger Team and Liwa 4 groups, which are among the special forces affiliated with the KDP, were deployed to the military bases and outposts previously established for the TAF. It has been learned that those who took part in the "Dagger Team", which was involved in kidnappings, plundering, extortion, death, torture, sexual assault and various crimes in the 1990s, were given special training, and those in Liwa 4 were also prepared for a long time. These groups, dressed as HPG members, carried out torture, beating, kidnapping, etc., against those living in the Federated Kurdistan Region. It was stated that these practices were used to go into the war tunnels and to place mines against the routes of HPG members.
Among these groups, there are people like Muhammed Fazıl Mihemed, an officer of Liwa 4, one of those in charge of Liwa 4 and also Muqadım Hac who is the commander of the outpost established on Girê Xakê Heydan hill of Begova region which was later handed over to the TAF. It was learned that there were Zübeyir Babat, Mehmet Sabri Benek (Team Core), Hacı Benek (Team Core), İhsan Kenanoğlu, Edip Babat, Süleyman Bilen, Lokman Benek and mercenaries wearing peshmerga clothes as a separate unit deployed within the Dagger Team.
It was stated that these groups acted on behalf of the special forces affiliated with the KDP, especially in the areas of Begova, Nêrwa and Zewtê, within the scope of the joint plan of Hulusi Akar and Eli Ewni.
On the other hand, Muhammed Fazıl Mihemed, a Liwa 4 officer belonging to the KDP special forces, was injured in the Gabrêkê region, which is right next to the TAF Kanîmasî Military Base, on May 25, and two officers were killed in the attack during Turkey's attack on Bamernê but the injured and death soldiers were not covered in the AKP and KDP media. 
It has been revealed that Göktuğ Sönmez, Security Studies Coordinator appointed by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (ORSAM), Mamend Roje, Umran Keko and Rêbwar Kerîm, who work in the KDP media, hold regular meetings every month, work for the war media and determine the broadcast flow of the AKP-KDP media.
The latest example of this was the KDP media's disinformation of Turkey's drone attack on Bamernê on May 25, in which three people, two of whom were children, were killed.
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