Tens of thousands in ankara for HDP congress

ANKARA - Tens of thousands of people who came to Ankara from all over the country for the HDP's 5th Ordinary Great Congress gave the first message with the slogans "Be Serok jiyan nabe".
Tens of thousands of people from all over the country, from Hakkari to Edirne, from Trabzon to Izmir, from Diyarbakir to Istanbul, arrived in Ankara to attend the 5th Ordinary Great Congress of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP). Those who flocked to the Arena Sports Hall from  people from all ages stopped in front of the hall.
At 08:30 in the morning, thousands of people entered the hall with slogans and HDP flags. Thousands entering the area shouted slogan, “Be Serok jiyan nabe(There is no life without the President)” and “HDP is the people, the people are here”. Entering the hall with an olive branch, the symbol of peace, women gave the message of struggle against oppression.
In the hall, thousands, who gave the message of struggle against the oppression on the HDP with the slogans "HDP is the people, the people are here" and "HDP is hope”, shouted the demand for freedom to the ill and prisoners who are held despite they served their sentence with the slogan “Bîjî berxwedana zindanan(Long live the resistance of the prisons)“. Drawing attention to the isolation in Imrali, the crowd shouted the slogans, ”Bîjî serok Apo(Long live President Apo)“ and "Jin jiyan azadî(woman, life and froodom)”.
Thousands of people who entered the congress hall, despite the long way they had come, joined the enthusiasm of the congress with slogans and dances in the hall. Women wearing white scarves and National dress accompanied the horon dance. Those who dance at the halay dance early in the morning in the hall gave the message of the congress with the slogans of “Bijî Serok Apo”.
While the entrance to the congress hall continues, the enthusiastic crowd continues to wait with halay and slogans.

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