The number of prisoners on hunger strike rose to 20

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  • 15:07 16 August 2022
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URFA - 10 more prisoners joined the hunger strike launched by 10 prisoners in Urfa No. 1 Type T Closed Prison on August 8 against the violations of their rights.
The hunger strike launched by 10 prisoners in Urfa No. 1 Type T Closed Prison against the violations of their rights continues on its 9th day. It was learned that 10 more prisoners participated in the strike as of yesterday. The Association for Lawyers for Freedom (ÖHD), Human Rights Association (İHD), Urfa Bar Association, Urfa Medical Chamber, and Health and Social Service Workers' Union (SES) formed a committee regarding the ongoing hunger strike. The committee formed wanted to meet with the prison director about the problems experienced in the prison on August 13.
However, the prison director refused to meet with the delegation about the hunger strike, even though he was at his place. The delegation met with the Urfa Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor about the problems and hunger strike yesterday. The Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor, to whom the demands of the prisoners were conveyed, stated that he was aware of the problems and that they were working to resolve them as soon as possible. The Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor cited the problems got through in the dental treatment and hospital referrals of the prisoners as the general problem, the lack of sufficient personnel in the hospitals and the epidemic. It was stated that the delegation formed to monitor the hunger strikes will visit the prisoners who continue the hunger strike in the coming days.
During the meeting with their families, the prisoners announced that 10 prisoners started a hunger strike on Monday, August 8. Stating that they will continue their protests until their demands are met, the prisoners stated that the reason for their hunger strike was the arbitrary approach of the prison prosecutor and the director and the usurpation of their rights. The prisoners, who met with their families on August 15, announced that 10 more prisoners had joined the hunger strike.
The names of the prisoners, who continued their hunger strike on the 9th day, are as follows: "İdris Duruk, Emin Çetindaş, Ömer Aslan, Suat Berlik, Selami Çiftçi, Mazlum Doğan Tanış, Şervan Muhammed, Emin Korkmaz, Lokman Ayebe and Abdulselam Demir."
The names of the prisoners who joined the hunger strike on August 15 are as follows: "Keleş Celal, Oğur Faikoğlu, Mustafa Müslüm, Haşim Arslan, Cuma İbrahim, Kenan Doğan, Mahmut Tutal, Ferit Ak and Abdülkadir Budak.”

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