Labor and Freedom Alliance: Joint struggle will be a step towards democratization

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  • 19:02 24 September 2022
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İSTANBUL - In the declaration of the Labor and Freedom Alliance, which demonstrates its power to solve the fundamental problems of Turkey, especially the Kurdish issue, the emphasis was placed on "The joint struggle will be a march that will lead to steps towards democratization".
The Labor and Freedom Alliance announced to the public the declaration it had determined as the "Road map" with the event it held at the Haliç Congress Center. Melis Akyürek from the Workers' Party of Turkey (TIP) and Levent Gökçek from the Labor Party (EMEP) read the declaration.
The declaration of the Labor and Freedom Alliance, which includes the Peoples' Democratic Party, the Workers' Party of Turkey (TIP), the Labor Party (EMEP), the Labor Movement Party (EHP), the Socialist Assemblies Federation (SMF) and the Social Freedom Party (TOP), is as follows: “The alliance we aim for realizing urgent economic and political tasks in this extraordinary process we are going through is the alliance of all the exploited and oppressed masses of the people. It is the solidarity and alliance of workers, laborers, the poor, women, youth, nature and human rights defenders. It is a common, strong and determined struggle ground.
It is the urgent task of the coming period to stop the destruction created by the People's Alliance in many areas from economy to politics, to end the One-Man Government, to improve the working and living conditions of the people, and to ensure that a change and transformation takes place on the basis of democratic rights and freedoms. In order for this change and transformation to be experienced, it is of great importance that the forces favoring labor, peace and democracy strengthen and resolutely maintain the common and united struggle. This unity and struggle must also be a decisive and effective force of the new era. This is the expectation and demand of the people. The common struggle to be fought, the strong and determined attitude to be taken, the achievement of the urgent economic demands of the people and a march that will enable steps to be taken towards democratization. Elections, one of the frequent destinations of this march, have a critical significance for Turkey. It is an indispensable responsibility to motivate the people to win the elections and to take all measures for election security by raising the struggle for labor and democracy without putting the people's hopes for the future only on the ballot box, but without ignoring the importance of the ballot box. In this extraordinary process we are going through, the alliance we aim for the realization of urgent economic and political tasks is the alliance of all the exploited and oppressed masses of the people. It is the solidarity and alliance of workers, laborers, the poor, women, youth, nature and human rights defenders. It is a common, strong and determined struggle ground.
The programs and actions of this government are based on a political understanding and practices that prioritize the interests of imperialism, the capitalist class, and their own affiliated companies and holdings. This unfair and illegal tender system, which also makes its supporters grow, requires legal re-examination. The economic and social deprivation created by the exploitation and oppression policies of the workers and laborers, the poor farmers, peasants and artisans, and the oppressed segments of the people has become the primary concern of the society. Taking concrete steps to solve problems such as cost of living, low wages, unemployment, poverty, subsistence and housing and improving the working and living conditions of workers, laborers and oppressed masses of people is the first issue for everyone today. Based on this fact, policies that will make the domestic and foreign capital pay the heavy bill of the economic crisis and multifaceted social destruction, and that will put an end to the insecurity and lack of future experienced by the workers, must be followed. 
In this context;
*The greatest social need is to stop the price hikes, raise wages to a level that can be lived above the hunger and poverty line, prohibit layoffs, increase employment, abolish taxes on basic consumer goods, collect more taxes from those who earn less than those who earn more, and follow an economic program that will eliminate poverty. .
*Budget resources; The first steps are to mobilize the people for economic security and direct income support, not for palaces, wars, supporters and the payment of foreign debts.
*Providing basic needs such as electricity, natural gas, water and internet free of charge to everyone whose monthly income is below the poverty line, within the scope of a 'social rights programme'; It is an urgent need to completely erase KYK debts, solve the problems of those who can not retire due to age (EYT), teachers and all occupational groups that are not appointed in the public sector.
* Improving the living conditions of retirees, erasing the debts of poor farmers, supporting the tradesmen whose grievances have increased tremendously are among the first things to be done.
* Policies that will end women's poverty and ensure that they are equal and effective in all areas of economic life are essential.
* The use of child labor under the age of 18 as paid labor should be prohibited.
*The 'Readmission Agreement' should be cancelled. For the refugees who want to return, a safe environment of peace should be provided in the region, refugees who want to live together should be given refugee status, and the conditions for living together should be built.
The One Man Administration, established under the name of the Presidential Government System, has rendered democratic rights and freedoms unusable, institutionalized arbitrariness, tyranny, lawlessness and injustice, deepened the exploitation, oppression and deadlock experienced by this country and its peoples, and made fascist practices a part of daily politics. Therefore, it is one of our primary goals to change all the institutions, mechanisms and dependency relations that sustain and nourish the one-man system. There is an urgent need to remove the electoral threshold, to ensure the widest use of democratic rights and political freedoms, and to establish a democratic, impartial and independent judicial system. Our goal is to ensure the construction of a democracy based on the real sovereignty of the people on the basis of democratic, libertarian and egalitarian principles.
In this context;
*For decentralized and local democratic administration, the formation of strong participation mechanisms of the people, depending on the transfer of authority and resources from the center to the local administrations in some areas, the transfer of the administration to the people elected by the people and to the local people's assemblies, the end of the trustee regime,
* Ensuring unlimited right of all workers and laborers to unionize, all kinds of (rights, solidarity, political and general) strikes and collective bargaining, 7 hours of daily working time and prohibition of lockout,
* Establishing a secularism that includes democracy, equal citizenship demands and freedom of thought, belief and conscience for all believers and non-believers, securing the equal citizenship right of Alevis,
* Adopting the right of equal citizenship based on respect for different cultures, identities, beliefs and lifestyles as a fundamental principle,
* Eliminating the usurpation of rights created by the Statutory Decrees, ending all forms of discrimination in employment and appointments in the public sector are urgent steps that must be taken for a democratic order based on popular sovereignty.
* Policies for long-term cooperation between peoples in favor of peace at home, in the region and in the world are urgently needed. For this, the needs of the peoples should be taken as the basis, not the interests of the imperialist powers and their collaborators. To abandon expansionist policies based on war and conflict, military power show with other countries, especially our neighbors; Carrying out a principled and peaceful foreign policy based on equal rights is essential for real popular sovereignty.
One of the most fundamental problems that Turkey needs to solve is the Kurdish issue. For a democratic solution and peace, there should be a constructive policy that takes into account the approaches and concerns of all social segments in the country. For the solution of the Kurdish problem, which is directly related and intertwined with democratization, it is necessary to take steps for a democratic and peaceful solution instead of a policy of denial and suppression. It is obvious that instead of war policies, weapons and conflict methods, dialogue and negotiation options have imposed themselves historically and are current. To establish and strengthen the ground for dialogue and resolution; to lead the way to win the future for the whole society through democratic negotiation methods; In this context, it is of great importance to make the necessary arrangements for the recognition of all universal identity rights, especially the right to mother tongue. 
* All kinds of guarantees must be provided for women to be equal and free in all areas of social life. A comprehensive struggle against systematic male violence against women and femicide, stemming from male-dominated mentality and practices, is essential.
*The revalidation and implementation of the Istanbul Convention and the removal of all political, administrative, economic and cultural barriers to gender equality for women and LGBTI+s are the first urgent steps.
* All obstacles in economic, social and political fields, especially in education and culture, should be removed so that young people can express themselves freely and live freely with an approach that respects their life choices.
*Capitalism cuts the tree if it can not sell its shadow. The government, which ensures the deepening of neoliberal policies in the country, offers all natural assets to capital. Declaring an emergency against the climate crisis, all projects that cause insane destruction of nature and the environment for the sake of profit and rent, destroy forests, agricultural areas, rivers and disrupt the ecological balance, and are the focus of crimes against nature, should be stopped.
*An approach focused on the protection of nature in all policies, especially in energy, transportation, urbanization and agriculture, is both urgent and mandatory. The right of every living thing to live in a healthy ecosystem should be protected by effective laws.
* The looting of historical and cultural assets should be stopped.
It is for all institutions, organizations and parties, individual citizens, who think about Turkey's bright and democratic future. Let's take responsibility together. Let's rebuild the country, which was turned into a fire in the 2nd century of the Republic, in a free and democratic way, with the understanding of common demands and struggle together. The peoples of Turkey are not condemned to discrimination, hate speech, polarization, and a sovereign politics stuck between the People's Alliance and the Nation Alliance. We can establish a social order dominated by the people on the basis of the values ​​of labor, peace, freedom and democracy. Achieving this is possible with the transformative power of the oppressed and exploited masses of the people. We invite everyone to a common and united struggle in line with this understanding and call! Together we will succeed.” 

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