Baskın Oran: Alliance for Labor and Freedom is the key to the country's liberation

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  • 12:05 26 September 2022
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ANKARA - Prof. Dr. Baskın Oran stated that the declaration announced by the Labor and Freedom Alliance is the key to liberation, and that it is also a depiction of the oppression that has been deepened.
The Alliance for Labor and Freedom announced the "Road Map", which includes solutions to multiple crises, especially the Kurdish Question, at an event held at the Golden Horn Congress Center on September 24. In the declaration, it was stated that workers, laborers, the poor, women, youth, nature and human rights defenders set out together, and emphasized that it is "a common, strong and determined struggle ground".
From the economic crisis to democracy, from the democratic solution of the Kurdish Question to the problems have been through by women, LGBTIQ+s, youth and the disabled people; in the declaration, which offers determinations and solutions to all the problems that people are dragged from, from the protection of nature and cultural assets, it is pointed out that Turkey should be rebuilt in a free and democratic way as we enter the 2nd century of the Republic.
Political scientist  Prof. Dr. Baskın Oran, evaluated the declaration announced by the Labor and Freedom Alliance and the roles it will play in Turkish politics. Oran said: "The newly formed Alliance for Labor and Freedom entered the political scene, representing the union of forces, albeit quite late, between the two elements that have historically been under the heaviest pressure in Turkey, namely the Kurds (HDP and its affiliates) and the socialists."
Pointing out that the alliance was formed with the serious efforts of the two constituent parties and the intense initiatives of the HDP, Oran stated that the declaration program carried out before the election was a historical step.
Reminding the political atmosphere in which the declared declaration was published, Oran said: “The Republican bloc keeps repeating the theme of how President Erdogan is a great world leader in order to cover up the crisis situation it is in. The nation's bloc, on the other hand, is in a situation that leaves the voters helpless, such as not being able to determine common principles and nominate a common candidate.
 This declaration reveals how indifferent the People and Nation blocks are to the realities of Turkey, rather than what it is a text. As such, it is not a solution, but a very important step towards a solution.”
Saying that the Alliance for Labor and Freedom is meaningful, Oran interpreted the declaration under 4 main headings as follows: “If you look at it from one point of view, this text covers everything from Kurds to LGBTIQ+s, from trustees to Alevis. The manifesto can be classified under four headings that represent the four most fundamental problems in the country at the moment: the pathetic state of the economy, the absence of democracy, the demand for peace, and the glorification of labor. The first of these is the worsening situation of the working masses. Alliance for Labor and Freedom is the key to the salvation of the country! The second is the depiction of oppression that the AKP-MHP government, which is suffering from despair, is deepening in the country. Thirdly, reminding that the Kurdish Question, which has always been approached only with weapons, is Turkey's main issue and that the country will not be safe until that Question is resolved democratically. Fourth, it is a symbol that the government, but also the opposition, whose conservative character is very predominant, is very frightened: they targeted the Kurds and Socialists.”
Expressing that the Alliance for Labor and Freedom began to influence the government even before it was formed, Oran continued his words as follows: “Erdogan is now calling out to the youth that they never compromise their freedom in front of him! Minister of Justice Bozdağ says the same nature that they have been in power for twenty years, they did not interfere with anyone's lifestyle. The main impact of the Labor and Freedom Alliance will be on the Nation bloc, which is inevitably obligated to vote HDP. We will see better things.”
MA / Firat Can Arslan

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