After TJA conference: We will defeat evil with female power

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  • 13:22 26 September 2022
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BATMAN - Stating that the TJA conference was a motivation at a time when the attacks were intensifying, the women gave the message, "Women will have the last word. We will defeat evil with the power of women."
The 4th Women's Conference held by the Free Women's Movement (TJA) on September 24 with the slogan of "Em li dijî fascismê bi biryar û di azadiyê de bi israr in (We are determined against fascism, we insist on freedom)" came to an end.
Organised women's struggle was at the forefront of the messages that stood out at the conference attended by women from many regions, while women emphasized that the attacks were systematized by male states and that a united and strong women's resistance emerged in the face of these attacks.
Fatime Silgir, who comes from the Viranşehir district of Urfa, said: “We want to get rid of these pressures and be free. At the same time, we want the struggle of all women to unite. When the woman says I am there, there is nothing she cannot do.”
Attending the conference from Antep, Peoples' Democratic Party Antep Provincial Co-chairperson Ayten Kaya said: "It is very important to be here in a process where oppression and violence increase. We want women from 4 parts of Kurdistan to meet on common ground. Only in this way can these discriminatory policies come to an end. It is necessary to be united in order to go further and make the existence of women accepted by all segments.”
Attending the conference from Muş and starting her speech by stating her belief in women's struggle, Derya Yolcu said: “The world is not a place to live as it is.
I believe that we will overcome violence through women's struggle. I see women's solidarity and power in this congress. It is necessary to unleash the existing self-power with a stronger organisation. I believe that these meetings will reveal more gender awareness and love. We will defeat evil with the power of women.”
Attending the conference from Van, Şengül Polat said: "Women raise their voices against 'femicide'. The 21st century is the century of women. We will now make a decision about our gathering. We will determine a new roadmap. Women are going through massacres, the attacks of the fascist power are now being carried on to destroy women. We also say that women will have the last word against this.”
Attending the conference from the Kızıltepe district of Mardin, Vesile Yüksel from the Mesopotamia Culture and Art Association said: “This conference is very important. We want the whole world to see the power of women. In the last period, nearly 10 women were murdered in Şırnak alone. Again in Iran, Jina was murdered. Women took to the streets for Jina. We should not accept any murder of women as normal. We want all women to rise up wherever women are attacked. Women are fighting in a war both against the state and against men. At this point, the uprising that started in Rojhilat is very meaningful. The same condemnation should be given at every point of attack.”
Stating that she participated from Van, Ayfer Turgut said: “A strong image emerged at the conference. It gave motivation to women. In order to become stronger, we need to be united in the face of the biggest problems.”

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