Springs ban for shepherds in the operation in Yüksekova

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  • 15:58 31 October 2022
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HAKKARI - While the military operation, which started in 13 villages of Yüksekova, have continued for 6 days, it was reported that the soldiers warned the shepherds of 4 villages not to take the animals to the springs.
Hakkari Governor's Office declared the highlands of Sorê and Zêvkan villages of Yüksekova district a "special security zone" for 15 days on October 24, claiming to "ensure security, safety and order." After the decision, the villagers were forbidden to go out to their springs and many soldiers were sent to the region. Simultaneously, in the morning of the same day, a military operation was launched in the villages of Tilorana Jor, Tilorana Jêr, Yêkmala Jêr, Pagê, Kuçe, Hirmin, Mitirban, Meşkan, Mûşan, Kendalok and Wargenima. On the 3rd day of the operation, the "Special security zone" decision taken by the governorship, Sorê and Zêvkan villages was annulled due to the end of the operation.
Although it was announced that the operations were ended in the cancellation decision taken by the Governor's Office, it was learned that most of the soldiers who were sent to the region on the first day of the operation were still in the Şîşol Mountain and Govê springs. The military operations that continued for 6 days in 13 villages also spread to the villages of Xilxês, Gulank, Peranis and Hîsark. A large number of soldiers were dispatched to the region by helicopters.
As part of the operation launched in Xilxês, Gulank, Peranis and Hîsark villages on October 29, it was learned that the soldiers warned the citizens living in Hisark village not to go out to the springs and valleys of the village. It was stated that the soldiers warned the shepherds of 4 villages not to go to the springs until the end of the operation and they were removed from the area they were in. A soldier said to the shepherds that they should not leave the sheep in the springs until the operation is over and they will bomb these places.
On the other hand, in Yüksekova district center, there was uninterrupted helicopter mobility from 04.00 to 09.30 yesterday morning. Attack type war helicopters toured the city for hours.

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