SDF announced its balance sheet on November 24-25

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  • 17:27 26 November 2022
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NEWS CENTER - SDF announced that 77 villages and towns were bombed in Turkey's attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria. It was stated that 6 gangs were killed in Zirgan.
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Press Center announced the balance sheet of Turkey's attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria on November 25. In the statement made by the Hawar News Agency (ANHA), it was stated that Turkey bombed 77 villages and towns.
It was emphasized that Turkey's failure was revealed in its attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria, in the statement made by the SDF said: "Therefore, at a time when our people increased their resistance against these brutal attacks and we are proud of the brave and honorable attitude of our people, Turkish state continues to attack civilian areas and service institutions. On the other hand, the invasion attacks will not go unanswered, we will increase our strength in this direction and protect our people.
While it was recorded that Turkey bombed 77 villages and towns in Northern and Eastern Syria with warplanes, reconnaissance planes and heavy weapons in its attacks yesterday, it was stated that a group of paramilitaries, benefiting from the intense circulation of reconnaissance planes in the region, attempted to attack Zirgan. It was stated that 6 paramilitaries were killed when SDF forces responded to paramilitary forces.

The details of the November 24 balance sheet are as follows:
The Zirgan front was bombed with 8 howitzers and 6 mortars.
Two gangs who attempted to attack in the Bobî village of Zirgan were killed. After the conflict, our forces carried out an action against the gangs with heavy weapons. In this action, 4 gangs were killed. 6 gangs killed in total
The villages of Zorava, Xiwêtla, Mele Ebas and Şelûmiyê were bombed with 7 howitzers.
Til Temir
Tewîla and Gozeliye villages were bombed with 14 howitzers.
Cîşan, Goran, Xirbîsan, Zorava, Til Ehmed Mûnîr villages were bombed with 11 mortars and 2 tank shells.
Gire Spi
Xan Hill, Xalidiye and Terad petrol station were bombed with tanks and howitzers.
Eyn İsa - Tirwaziye
Um El Baramil town was bombed with 3 howitzers.

The villages of Elyanlî, Korheyuk, Ewn Dadat, Hozeriye, Boxaz and Seyada were bombed with 18 mortars and 5 howitzers.
The details of the November 25 balance sheet are as follows:
Samûqa, Til Ziwan, Til Madiq, Til Cîcan, Im Hûş, Minnix, Eyn Deqnê, Nêrebiye, Bêluniye, Dêrcimel, Şêx Îsa, Girê Meyasê, Merenaz, Şewerqa, Malikiye, Soxaneke, Qinêtirê, Girê Bênê, Tatmaraş, Tinnib, Elqemiyê, Îrşadiyê villages and Til Rifat town were bombed with 406 howitzers, 39 mortars and 350 grenade launchers.
Til Temir
Dirdara, Til Tewîl and Tewîla were targeted with howitzers.
A group of gangs escaped from the camp, and were captured by our forces with the invading Turkish state's reconnaissance flying in Hol Camp in a short time.
Zormexar, Cîşan, Goran, Xirbîsan, Ziyaret, Qeremox, Til Şeyîr, Siftek, Kor Elî, Çarixli, Xerab Eto, Miştenur hill and Şiyux Foqani town were bombed with howitzers and mortars.
Gire Spi
Huşan, Seyda, Ebdokê, Abu Kurdo, Dibis, Koberlik, Îbrahim Kurdî and the international M4 road were bombed with howitzers and mortars.
Eyn Isa
The village of Siwêdiya was targeted with 5 howitzers.
Hemam Mountains, Hoşeriye, El Cat, Korheyuk, Seyda, Ewn Dadat, El Yaneli villages were bombed with 15 mortars and 12 howitzers.


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