TJA:25 years of isolation did not obscure the truth

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  • 16:30 25 March 2023
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DİYARBAKIR - TJA made a statement regarding the lack of news regarding PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and called for "Stop the Imrali torture system and increase the struggle against isolation and ensure social liberation".
The Free Women's Movement (TJA) has issued a written statement regarding the lack of news from PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has been detained under heavy isolation conditions in İmralı Type F High Security Prison, for 2 years. Emphasizing that no news has been heard from Öcalan since March 25, 2021, the statement said: “As this quarter-century-long isolation policies on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan deepen, especially the massacre of women; Political, social, economic and ecological problems are also deepening at the same rate and the society as a whole is being put under pressure.
In the statement, which stated that Öcalan had nullified his isolation policies with his solution power, the statement said: “The intellectual, philosophical and political resistance that Mr. Öcalan developed on the Imrali Island; It has given a great impetus to the freedom, democracy and liberation struggle of the peoples, youth and women in Turkey and the Middle East, especially in Kurdistan. We know and see; The heavy isolation policies against Mr. Öcalan are never independent of the attacks on the peoples' struggle for freedom and democracy. This is exactly why we state it once again; The struggle for democracy and freedom can only be waged by resisting the Imrali isolation system because he is held in isolation in Imrali; It is the freedom of all women and peoples, especially Kurdish women.”
The statement, which demanded an immediate end to the isolation and absolute lack of communication on Öcalan, continued as follows: “Establishing his physical freedom and reuniting with women and society; It will be the only way to a peaceful, democratic and free life. The 'Democratic, Ecological, Female Libertarian' society paradigm developed by Mr. Öcalan will only come to life with his own physical freedom because we, as Kurdish women, see our freedom in this paradigm. Despite the 25-year isolation regime in Imrali, the absolute lack of communication and all kinds of unlawfulness; No policy of the dominant nation-state mind could break the bond Mr. Öcalan established with women, societies and the Kurdish people. Because the truth cannot be obscured. The Turkish state cannot obscure our truth!”
The following statements were included in the continuation of the statement: “We emphasize once again that the main addressee of all social problems, especially the Kurdish Question, is Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. We call on all women, especially Kurdish women, all public opinion, international institutions and organizations that want peace, freedom and democracy, to say 'Stop' to the Imrali torture system, to raise the struggle against isolation and to achieve social liberation."

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