23 people arrested in Suruç

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  • 11:17 31 March 2023
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URFA - 23 people, including HDP executives, were arrested in Suruç.
23 people, including Democratic Regions Party (DBP) and Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) district co-chairs, were detained in house raids in Suruç of Urfa district on March 27. 23 people, who were detained on charges of "being a member of a terrorist organization" and "providing finance to the organization", were brought to the Urfa Courthouse yesterday after their statements at the police station.
The prosecutor referred 23 people to the Criminal Judgeship of Peace with a request for detention. The judgeship decided to arrest 23 people on the allegation of "being a member of a terrorist organization". The arrested names are as follows: Former Suruç Municipality Co-Mayor Hülya Demir (51), HDP District Co-Mayor Yaşar Gündüzalp (39), DBP District Co-Chair Rojda Binici (53), Avni Gökhan (55), Ayşe Aksu (54), Bülent Koçyiğit (45), Ferdi Karakelle (28), Ferit Bali (37), Feryal Çelikbaş (49), İbrahim Bülbül (46), İsmet Bali (46), Mahide Kurttekin (49), Mahmut Bali (39), Mehmet Akif Yıldız (39), Mustafa Bali (23), Nermin Şakir (60), Mustafa Bali (59), Osman Akgun (55), Sabri Kaya (56), Salih Kaplan (44), Savaş İlhan (36), Veysel Bali (34) and Zeki Bali ( 40).

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