Representatives of women's organizations in Kurdistan: Freedom for Öcalan

NEWS CENTER - Representatives of women's organizations in four parts of Kurdistan, stating that women are reborn with the paradigm of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, said that they will liberate Öcalan by working harder.
The aggravated isolation of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is imprisoned in İmralı High Security Prison, continues. Since the interrupted phone call on March 25, 2021, there has been no news from Abdullah Öcalan for 2 years. While the preparations for the march to Amara, the birthplace of Öcalan on April 4, continue, the Kurdish women's movements in all four parts of Kurdistan, Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA), Shengal Women's Freedom Movement (TAJÊ), and Kongreya Star Movement in Northern and Eastern Syria and the Rojhilat Free Women's Association (KJAR) made assessments on the Imrali isolation.
Stating that the state wanted to deepen the atmosphere of isolation and conflict, Free Women's Movement (TJA) activist Güler Tunç said: "There has been no news from Mr. Öcalan for years. They are not limited to isolation, and Öcalan is given arbitrary disciplinary punishments. In fact, the isolation deepened further with the collapse of the negotiating table. The deepened isolation brought many things with it. The war deepened, unemployment and poverty increased. The state of war in Kurdistan and the Middle East has deepened even more. The reason for this is the heavy isolation imposed on Mr. Öcalan. Therefore, no one can freely seek their rights and live freely in these lands. A bridge was established between the peoples of Türkiye and Kurdistan in the solution process. But they destroyed this bridge in one go. The aim of this isolation is to bring the peoples against each other and to leave the established line breathless. The state knows that if Mr. Öcalan speaks, there will be a solution and a change in Kurdistan, Turkey and the Middle East. The state also knows that; People's peace and freedom passes through Imrali. That's why the state is deepening the isolation so that the people don't get it."
Shengal Women's Freedom Movement (TAJÊ) Coordination member Neam Bedel, pointing out that millions of women are united around Öcalan's philosophy, said: "There is a heavy isolation against all oppressed peoples in the person of Mr. Öcalan. This isolation still continues. Isolation is implemented in four parts of Kurdistan in the person of Öcalan. Today, millions of people are subjected to this isolation. Today, this isolation affects every aspect of our lives. This isolation must be prevented and we must resist more so that it is broken. We will stand up for our will. Isolation is war, poverty and death. If it were not for this heavy isolation, Shengal would not be like this today. It would not be bombed comfortably. It is the fundamental duty of every Kurdish woman to oppose this isolation. We women should not stay at home without breaking this isolation on Rêber Apo. The women of four parts of Kurdistan should stand up and not leave the fields. Öcalan's philosophy paved the way for women. It made women fight for their rights. He made those women, who were ignored in society, the pioneers of societies today. This happened thanks to Öcalan. We wish April 4 to be Rêber Öcalan's freedom day. Happy April 4th of the four parts of Kurdistan."
Rîma Isa Mehmud, a member of the Kongreya Star Coordination in the Hesekê Canton of Northern and Eastern Syria, drew attention to Öcalan's role and mission in the Middle East and said: “We condemn the isolation on Öcalan. Öcalan lives in isolation after isolation in prison. We do not know how Rêber Apo's health is. We haven't received any information for years. In this way, they are trying to break the will of the people of Kurdistan, but they cannot break the will of the Kurdish people with these practices. Our freedom depends on Leader Apo's freedom. Before Öcalan is liberated, the problems of the Middle East will not be resolved and freedom will not come. As the women's movement, we promise to break the isolation. Unless we liberate this philosophy, we will not be free. We will fight more for this. Why do states that claim to protect human rights remain silent in this isolation? They are trying to break the will of the Kurdish people with war, bombing and destruction. Today, the peoples of the Middle East are demanding his freedom. Today, millions of people are on the streets for Öcalan's freedom. They have to respond to the demands of the peoples of the Middle East. These people will fight until their leader is free. As the women's movement, we will fight until Mr. Öcalan is freed.
Pointing out that the paradigm of Öcalan is the cause of a new uprising in Rojhilat, Rojhilat Free Women's Association (KJAR) activist Fariba Shekohniya said: “No information has been received from Leader Apo for the last 2 years. Despite all the efforts and demands of his family and lawyers, interviews are not held. The Turkish state has often claimed that there is no isolation in Imrali. Why is he not allowed to meet with his family and lawyers? Öcalan led the social movement behind the walls with his will and attitude. Despite the physical and psychological pressure and severe torture, Öcalan showed unmatched resistance and perseverance. Erdogan wants to suppress and end the Kurds by isolating Öcalan. Öcalan is fighting not only for the Kurdish halk, but for the unity of all peoples, and therefore he is a very influential person. Of course, it also has a huge impact on women. He created the free woman with the slogan of 'Jin Jiyan Azadi' and developed the paradigm of democratic modernity as an alternative."

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