Torture of young people who condemned Aymaz's murder


ISTANBUL- Two young people who protested the murder of musician Cihan Aymaz were detained by the police. Young people were tortured in the police station where they were detained.

Musician Cihan Aymaz was attacked in Kadıköy on May 3 after he refused the request of the racist attacker Mehmet Caymaz who asked him to sing the song "I die for my Turkey". Aymaz lost his life in the attack. The racist attacker Caymaz was detained by the police. Caymaz, who was taken to Kadıköy Rıhtım Police Station, was transferred to the Anatolian Courthouse in Kartal for his statement to the prosecutor's office. Caymaz admitted that he asked Aymaz to play the song at the prosecutor's office, but Aymaz and his entourage refused this request. Caymaz, who was referred to the Criminal Judgeship of Peace with a request for arrest, was arrested with the allegation of "deliberate killing" instead of a racist attack.
On the other hand, the Greens and Left Future Party (Green Left Party) organized a protest action on the same day where Aymaz was murdered. Young people named Aydın Koçuk and Mehmet İkto, who participated in the protest and condemned the murder of Aymaz, were followed by the police after the protest and were later detained. Both detainees were taken to the Rıhtım Police Station. Koçuk and İkto were subjected to torture, swearing and insults by the police here. The young people, who were tortured for hours here, were referred to the Anatolian Courthouse on the charge of "resisting" against the police. Koçuk and İkto, who testified at the prosecutor's office, were later released.
Müslüm Kocaoğlu, a member of the Lawyers Association for Freedom (ÖHD), the lawyer of Koçuk and İkto, stated that the police prepared a report that Koçuk and İkto had tortured them. Kocaoğlu shared that his clients identified the police who tortured them, and that police officers Ercan Bulut and Kemal Aslan were included as suspects in the investigation file.

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