Election work of Green Left party continues despite the police barrier

BURSA – Stating that they continued their election work in Bursa despite the obstacles, Green Left Party employee Mehmet Dilek called for: “Votes for the peoples to the Green Left”.
The Greens and Left Future Party's (Green Left Party) election efforts in Bursa continue at full speed despite the obstacles. While the advertisements placed on the billboards of the party are torn up by racist segments, the vehicles of the party for the election announcement are tied up by the police by applying criminal demonstration. Criminal complaints made by party members are left unanswered.
Mehmet Dilek, who is involved in the Green Left Party activities, stated that these attacks were carried out with the discourses of the current government. Stating that the May 14 elections are "historic", Dilek said: "But the weakness, aggression and provocations of the current government are indicators of their departure. In this sense, let alone carrying out a policy in this country, we are working together to change the dirty system where the economy is over, there is no human rights and there is no justice. We sometimes face setbacks in our election campaigns. Insulting words and scribbles are written on our billboards that we rent legally. We have made criminal complaints many times before, but this has never been prevented. Why wasn't it passed? Because the government attacks us. The vehicles with Green Left Party flags were blocked for arbitrary and unlawful reasons. They can stop our vehicles. They can tie our cars on the grounds of why we are conducting an election campaign."
Emphasizing that they will continue their election work despite the obstacles, Dilek said: "We will change the system together. As Kurds living in Bursa, we will not come to these provocations. We will never, ever take a step back."
Dilek continued her words as follows: “As the people of Bursa, as the Kurds living in Bursa, together with all our peoples who are fighting for democracy and unity, we will abolish this dirty system. We are fighting for the equal and free coexistence of the peoples of Turkey, for peace and democracy. We vote for the Green Left for peace, democracy, justice, women's rights, for the youth to carry out policies in the upcoming processes and for the peoples of Turkey to live together.”

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