'The election is over, now it's time for accounting'

NEWS CENTER - Evaluating the second round election results, the author Abdulmelik Ş. Bekir noted: "From now on, the first thing that Kurds, women, young people, left socialist and democratic circles will do is to make a quick account of the elections and form the broadest front of struggle."
Author Abdulmelik S. Bekir wrote about the second round of presidential elections, which resulted in the victory of Tayyip Erdogan yesterday. In the article titled "Election is over, now it's time for accounting" published in the newspaper Karınca, it was pointed out that the opposition did not achieve the morale and motivation they wanted in the second round, as it did in the first round.
Bekir's article is as follows: "The election process is over. The opposition could not catch up with the morale and motivation it had in the first round in the second round. It went to the polls for the second time in a certain demoralization. Almost everyone was convinced that Erdogan would win in the second round. Such a perception was prevalent especially in the opposition parties. The government was of the same opinion. That's why there was no insistence in the narrowly missed first round. The aim was to win by an overwhelming majority in the second round; however, the anti-regime bloc went to the polls despite the low motivation created by the first round, and insisted on its anti-regime stance. Despite the dominant 'we lost the election', the opposition went to the polls and despite the perception that it had gone to the polls and did not hesitate to evaluate the possible chance, albeit a small one. This is exactly the issue that everyone, especially the administrations of the opposition parties, will focus on and take into account during the election process and after that.
This indicates serious strength and resistance. Struggle is persistence and perseverance. In the face of this determination, Erdoğan was defeated. Using all the power of the state, he kept the power by force. The two are not the same thing. In the coming period, we will see the difference between gaining and staying in power with the support and will of the people, and holding power with the bureaucratic, military and economic power of the state against the will of the people. There were peoples who came out of the second round stronger. Proportionally, Kılıçdaroğlu's votes increased more than Erdoğan's. Despite the crimson apocalypse that has been created, the people have not taken a step back neither from their hope nor from their determination and will to fight.
Erdogan's plan to win the second round with an overwhelming majority and to carry out a more comfortable ruling process came to naught with the determined stance of the people. The plan to weaken the will of the opposition and anti-regime peoples with a rate of up to sixty percent backfired and the difference between the two candidates was shaped against Erdogan. The result of an election that is unequal and unjust, in which all the power of the state is mobilized for the AKP-MHP, should never be underestimated. The economic, social and political collapse, which will be aggravated by the debris created by the AKP-MHP regime and the consequences of which it will suffer from today, will carry fifty percent higher against the regime.
Yes, the work of peoples, women, youth, others and the oppressed will not be any more comfortable and easier than it was yesterday. The pressure on them will continue. Parallel to the deepening of the created debris, they will not refrain from using the forceful instruments of the state. They've been doing everything they can for years already. In return, there are people who do not step back a millimeter. Looking at the election results, AKP and MHP have become signage parties. Especially the AKP, which received a significant amount of votes for a period, cannot be read. This means that although the policies of oppression and violence make life difficult, they steel the resistance. Despite all the pressures, the Kurdish people have displayed an attitude that will go down in history against the AKP-MHP policies. Likewise, peoples across Turkey showed a similar attitude by pulling the AKP's vote rates to the level of 2002.
From now on, the first thing that Kurds, women, youth, left socialist and democratic circles will do is to quickly make an accounting of the elections and form the broadest unity of struggle, the front; is to organize the overwhelming majority of the society who want democracy and to enlarge the struggle. The society needs a common struggle and resistance in the face of the possible pressures of the regime, which will struggle in the multiple crises.
Another important result of the election results is the fact that the struggle for rights, law, justice, equal and free life cannot be left to elections alone. It is necessary not to remain silent about the shortcomings made for him and not just wait for someone to fix it. It is necessary to become the subject of change and transformation by being more involved in politics and political processes.

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