Police tortured a citizen by locking him in the room

HAKKARİ- Mother Cevahir Bor, who said that Mustafa Bor, who was detained in Gever this morning, was locked in a room at home and subjected to police violence for two hours, said that the police said. "We came to kill your son."
Dozens of young people were detained in house raids in Colemêrg's Gever ( Yüksekova) district this morning. It was stated that the special operations police, who broke the windows and doors of the houses during the raids, inflicted violence on the people to be detained in the houses for hours. Many people who were hit by the police with gun butts, kicks and punches were later detained. It was learned that the detainees were first taken to Yüksekova State Hospital and then to Yüksekova District Police Department. The names of those detained are as follows: Demhat Kurt, Diyar Sedal, Rahmi Terzioglu, Isa Terzioglu, Aras Yasar, Diyar Sedal, Uğur Sedal, Mustafa Bor.
Cevahir Bor, whose house was raided between 04:00 and 05:00 and his son was taken into custody, talked about the police violence. Mother Bor, who said that her son Mustafa Bor was tortured and detained, said that the special operations police entered the house without knocking, directly breaking the doors and windows of the house. Mother Bor, who stated that the police started to torture her son Mustafa Bor by locking him in another room as soon as he entered the house, said: “The people who came to the house were special forces and their faces were masked. Although I spoke Kurdish and Turkish, they were speaking a different language, I think, Arabic. The hands of 7 and 16-year-old children were held behind their backs and they began to be tortured as well."
Stating that the police hit her against the wall, mother Bor described those moments as follows: "There were sounds of torture to my son, who was locked in the room. The police were hitting him to wall from wall. They broke his head with the butts of the guns and hit him in the face with an object multiple times. They were keeping me in the living room and not allowing me to enter the room. They tortured us all for hours, we were insulted by them. They tortured my son by locking him in the room from 05:00 to 07:00 in the morning. The walls of the room where her son was tortured, pillows, curtains and parquets were covered in blood of my son. I heard my son's cries, the neighborhood residents rushed to help, but the police did not allow anyone to enter the house."
Emphasizing that her son was put in an armored vehicle and police violence continued, mother Cevahir Bor said: “They did not give any reason. We just came to get 'Mustafa'. We came to kill him, we will destroy him. We cannot leave him alive. My son's face was unrecognizable. They wouldn't even let me have a glass of water. While two masked policemen tortured my son in the room, a female policewoman hurled insults and threats at me in the hall'I will handcuff your hands, I will tear your mouth'."

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