Karayılan: The addressee of the Kurdish question is the state, not the parties

NEWS CENTER - Evaluating the election results, PKK Executive Council Member Murat Karayılan stated that the main problem is the Kurdish Question and its interlocutor is the state, not parties, and said: "If they want a solution, Leader Apo is there."
PKK Executive Committee Member Murat Karayılan evaluated the May 14-28 elections and the Kurdish Question. Speaking to Stêrk TV, Karayılan emphasized that the elections were not fair and unequal, and that one party used all the means of the state, multi-faceted pressures including arrests developed, and there were fraudulent and stealing incidents, Karayılan said: "The results of this election are not legitimate. A 21-year-old government uses all the power of the state, and it gets this result by using it in an unlimited way, not by taking into account the laws and laws; therefore, this is not a legitimate result."
Stating that he showed the attitude of the Kurdish people and that he was in favor of democracy and change, Karayılan said: "There is a decrease in the votes compared to the previous one, but despite so many attacks, despite so many arrests and threats, he has displayed an important attitude. Now I see, some people talk about it a lot, but Especially if they put themselves in the shoes of our people or work in an environment where so many people are thrown into prisons and there is such a threat. It is not an easy thing to show your will despite such an orientation. People need to take this into account. Here is the attitude of our people when all this is taken into account. It is an attitude to be appreciated and it is meaningful.”
Emphasizing that it is now time to state the facts clearly and say "the king is naked" regarding the re-election of Tayyip Erdoğan, Karayılan said: "Erdogan's opponent was a Kurd and an Alevi. It is clear that the sociology shaped by the system of the Turkish Republic does not allow an Alevi Kurd to become the president. True, maybe someone within the state may have wanted change, but the use of so much power of the state here is the result of a plan and project. This republican system under the leadership of AKP-MHP-Ergenekon created sociology. This sociology is a Sunni and racist sociology. They kneaded the religious-racist tendency based on the Turkish-Islamic synthesis. This is the main point. If this were not so, Erdoğan had promises made 21 years ago. He said: 'I will bring justice. I will lift the bans, I will eradicate poverty.' Did he do them? Erdoğan brought hunger on the contrary; however, it was preferred nonetheless. Why? Because they worked with propaganda based on lies."
Bitlisli Kamran Inan, who served as a minister during the Süleyman Demirel governments, said before he died, "There is an unwritten law in the Turkish constitution. It is the law that a Kurd cannot be a foreign minister. Dot!" Referring to his words, Karayılan said: "If a Kurd can't be a foreign minister, then he can't be a Kurdish president. That's the case. Yes, maybe a black-colored person like Obama became president in the USA, and this was a development. If Kılıçdaroğlu in Turkey was elected, this would be a revolutionary development in Turkey. But sociology, which was created as a project in Turkey, lost because it did not give way. This is the main reason why he lost. The result is the problem of identity and sect. For example, the montage video taken two years ago, which had nothing to do with the election, was used against Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu."
Underlining that the Kurdish people's struggle for democracy and freedom will become stronger, Karayılan said: “For us, the main question is the solution of the Kurdish question. Democracy is necessary to solve this question. The addressee of the Kurdish question is the state, not the parties. In other words, our interlocutor is the Turkish state. For this reason, we do not have a problem of being hostile or friendly to the parties in the system. Because our interlocutors are clear. For example, if the government had changed, the same thing would have happened before us because this is a state policy. For this reason, we do not see a huge difference and our struggle will continue much stronger."
“For 40 years they have been trying to destroy us. Every year, they say, 'We will finish this year, we will succeed', but nothing changes. Karayılan said: "If common sense prevails and there is a change, Leader Apo is in İmralı, so if they want a solution, Leader Apo is there, but if they want to get results by killing Kurdish youth, we will not allow this and we will defeat them. We believe this to the end; our people and our friends should also believe. Just as we have stopped the enemy so far, we will win from now on."

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