Balekani journalist: KDP is betraying Kurds

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  • 10:56 22 September 2023
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ANKARA - Journalist İkram Balekani said that the KDP is betraying the Kurdish people and is being dragged into collapse due to its relations with Turkey.
Turkey's attacks on Zap, Avaşin and Metina regions in cooperation with KDP continue with assassination attacks in the Federated Kurdistan Region. Assassination attacks increased after Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan's visit to Iraq and the Federated Kurdistan Region on August 24. The last part of these attacks was against the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) building in Hewlêr on September 18. KNK Representative Deniz Cevdet Bülbün was killed in the attack. In the drone attack on Erbet Agricultural Airport in Silêmaniyê, 3 peshmerga lost their lives.
Evaluating the attacks on the region, journalist İkram Balekani said that the KDP, which has become useful to Turkey, is in collapse due to its wrong policies.
Drawing attention that the attacks on Zap, Metina and Avaşin regions have been continuing for 3 years in cooperation with Turkey and KDP, Balekani said: "The Barzani family was used by the Turkish state in these attacks. We need to accept this fact, Turkey is NATO's 2nd largest army and uses high-tech war weapons in this war. It has been attacking guerrilla areas with all its might for nearly 3 years. Turkiye doesn't just want to occupy these areas. It is trying to liquidate the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and design these areas the way it wants. The Turkish state cannot do this alone and therefore cooperates with the Barzani family. KDP is used by the Turkish state. In some regions, they even use Peshmerga uniforms and attack guerrilla positions. KDP forces have been trying to enter guerrilla areas for months and want to advance. It is also attacking the region from the air with the best techniques with the support of Turkey. Guerrilla forces thwart these attacks with tunnel and war techniques. They are using the KDP here and pushing it to the front line of the war."
Stating that the KDP was in "betrayal" but trying to portray this as "heroism", Balekani said: "There was a serious economic crisis in the Federated Kurdistan Region due to the wrong policies of the KDP. KDP was exposed after the attacks it carried out in cooperation with Turkey. KDP is trying to show itself as the owner of Kurdistan. It is trying to portray its betrayal of the Kurds as heroism. The Kurdish people saw the policy of the KDP and its dirty policies were exposed. Southern Kurdistan has had a status for nearly 33 years. According to the latest data, debts of 33 billion dollars were revealed. We can clearly see that the Barzani family is corrupt. Despite their betrayal, they shamelessly appear on television and threaten the PKK and the patriotic Kurdish people who believe in it with death."
Stating that KDP damaged the spirit of national unity, Balekani said: "The armed attack on the KNK building and the murder of a person had no other definition than treason. This attack by the KDP was directly carried out against the Kurdistan national alliance."
Emphasizing that the KDP was in collapse and that it attacked the PKK to save itself from this situation, Balekani said: “The Barzani family plundered Southern Kurdistan. It handed over 52 percent of the territory of Southern Kurdistan, along with Kirkuk, and its oil and customs borders to Iraq. It became such a situation that Masrour Barzani called the US President and asked for help. The Barzani family is trying to blame this collapse on someone else. That's why it wants war to break out. If this happens, the KDP will use the PKK as an excuse and say that the status has collapsed due to the war with the PKK. The people of Kurdistan are aware of everything. KDP cannot get out of this by making cheap tricks."
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