İmralı isolation: CPT must take action

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  • 13:01 22 September 2023
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SÊRT - Green Left Party MP Sebahat Erdoğan Sarıtaş drew attention to the absolute isolation imposed on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and said: "International legal institutions, especially the CPT, should take action."
There has been no news from PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is held in isolation in İmralı Type F High Security Closed Prison, for 30 months. Applications for meetings made by the family and their lawyers are blocked by penalties imposed under the name of "discipline". Greens and Left Future Party (Green Left Party) Sêrt MP Sabahat Erdoğan Sarıtaş stated that the Kurds were isolated in the person of Abdullah Öcalan.
Sarıtaş drew attention that the biggest demand of the people in the hundreds of meetings held during the restructuring process after the general elections was to hear from Abdullah Öcalan and freedom, and said that the isolation should end.
Sarıtaş said: “Imralı gates should be opened to solve all problems. Whenever these doors are opened, an economic and legal solution is found. There is no law in this country. A theater is being performed. Imrali gates should be opened immediately. Isolation must be ended as soon as possible for both the Kurdish people and other rights."
Noting that they went through a process in which even the constitution prepared during the coup period was not implemented, Sarıtaş said: “The people have no belief in justice. We have a government that does not even implement the constitution, which is the product of a fascist coup. A struggle network has been created in the world for the lifting of the isolation and the freedom of Öcalan. Many nations are aware of how important Mr. Öcalan is for the Middle East. There are demands for the vitalization of the paradigm he gifted to the people. This demand is expressed in many parts of the world. They see the paradigm developed by Mr. Öcalan as the solution to the developing crisis in the Middle East."
Condemning the silence of international law regarding the ongoing aggravated isolation, Sarıtaş said: “International law, especially the CPT, must take action as soon as possible and end this unlawfulness, which has turned into torture with absolute isolation. There is a capitalist system built on the destruction and denial of the Kurdish people. Türkiye is part of this by imposing isolation and attacking the Kurds. The duty of the people is to create a struggle network against these attacks and to end this absolute isolation."
MA / Fethi Balaman

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