'This congress is the congress of women who say 'jin, jiyan, azadi is our philosophy of life'

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  • 14:44 22 September 2023
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ANKARA - Green Left Party Women's Council Canan Çalağan called for participation in the upcoming congress and said: "This congress is the congress of women who say 'jin, jiyan, azadi is our philosophy of life' despite all kinds of oppression."
Green and Left Future Party (Green Left Party) Women's Assembly Spokesperson Canan Çalağan held a press conference regarding the agenda at the People's Democratic Party (HDP) Headquarters.
Pointing to the increasing detentions and pressures in recent times, Çalağan shared the information that women, including Women's Council member Hacer Elçin, were detained this morning. Çalağan said: “We are faced with yet another suppression and intimidation operation against all opponents fighting for equality, democracy and freedom. We take this opportunity to express once again that our women's struggle cannot be prevented by pressure, detention and arrest, and we want our detained friends to be released immediately."
Continuing her speech by commemorating Jina Emînî, who was murdered in Iran on September 16, 2022, Çalağan said: “I salute all the women united around the philosophy of 'Jin, jiyan, azadi'. I respectfully commemorate those who lost their lives in the flood disaster in Libya and the earthquake in Morocco. I salute the struggle of the female workers working at Agrobay Greenhouse who did not give up fighting for their rights despite being beaten and detained many times. We have no doubt that the women workers who say 'we will not allow our labor to be exploited' will win, not the bosses and capitalists who usurp the rights of the workers to gain more power. As the Green Left Party Women's Council, I would like to express once again that we stand with the women resisting in Agrobay Seracalık."
Drawing attention to the attack on the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) representation, Çalağan said: “On the one hand, massacres are carried out by paramilitary dark forces, on the other hand, attacks against the Kurdish people by the KDP continue to increase. No policy implemented by collaborating with those who attack the achievements and values of the Kurdish people and Kurdish women and by putting their own interests before the interests of the people has been successful so far. Those who carried out these dirty attacks were remembered as a black mark in the pages of history. It should not be forgotten that; Every attack carried out in the South is an attack on the Kurdish people's struggle for equality and freedom. It means turning a deaf ear to the voices of mothers who have not given up their honorable struggle for peace against all kinds of oppression for years. It is to approve the dirty war policies of the AKP-MHP government based on hostility towards Kurds and women. The KDP is attacking its own people in the South, and those who protest this attack are faced with the violence of the AKP-MHP government's law enforcement here."
Referring to the rape of a 22-year-old woman in Mêrdîn by 3 men, one of whom was a village guard, Çalağan said: “We are once again exposing those who commit crimes against women. This incident has once again demonstrated how the male judiciary, empowered by the government's sexist policies, protects the perpetrators of crimes against women with the armor of impunity. We will never give up our fight for justice against male-state violence and policies of impunity for crimes committed by law enforcement. Together, we will build a fair life where perpetrators, not women, will be punished in courtrooms. We will expand our struggle by saying the rule of law, not the law of superiors because we know very well that; The 'palaces of justice' of this country are the palaces where male perpetrators of crimes against women are protected. This government is a government that implements policies of how to usurp women's gains, instead of fighting violence against women. In just the first 8 months of the year, 271 women were murdered by men. Instead of implementing deterrent policies to prevent these massacres, the current government is coveting the acquired rights of women."
Referring to the "I am Sensitive to My Environment, I Protect My Values (ÇEDES)" project, which was implemented with the protocol signed by three ministries, Çalağan continued his words as follows: "With this project, which is planned to be carried out through imams, muezzins and preachers who will be assigned under the 'spiritual consultancy' service in schools, democratic The most basic social demands such as secular, scientific and mother tongue education are ignored. Today, while thousands of children cannot benefit from the education system under equal conditions, girls are excluded from the formal education system, and thousands of children are deprived of the right to education in their mother tongue because there are no regulations regarding the right to education in their mother tongue, which is the most basic human right, instead of resolving this inequality, implementing projects such as ÇEDES, the state's religion, It is an indicator of the effort to design society through educational institutions. "We will defend equal opportunities in education wherever we are, and we will not allow you to darken the present and future of children and young people with the singleness regime."
Calling for participation in the congress of the Green Left Party to be held at Ankara Atatürk Indoor Sports Hall on October 15, Çalağan said: "Let's all turn our congress hall into a place where women's voices and rebellion come together. Let's grow our women's freedom struggle and organization by uniting around our party. Let's carry our slogan 'Jin, jiyan, azadi' outside the congress hall and reach all women once again. Let's defend our congress against the misogynistic policies of the male-dominated government because this congress is the congress of those who insist on the women's liberation paradigm against male domination. It is the congress of those who fight against violence and massacres against women. It is the congress of women who say 'jin, jiyan, freedom is our philosophy of life' despite all kinds of oppression. It is the congress of women who turned the fields and squares into rebellion by saying 'We are not giving up on the Istanbul Convention'. It is the congress of women who do not step back, saying 'co-presidency and equal representation are our purple line' despite all kinds of pressure, detention and arrests. Dear Women's Day, this is the day to embrace our great congress with faith and determination. I invite all women to attend our great congress, which will be held at Ankara Atatürk Indoor Sports Hall on October 15."

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