Democratic Modernity publishes title 'Overcoming Historical Collaboration and Betrayal'


ISTANBUL - The 47th issue of Democratic Modernity met with the readers with the title "Overcoming Historical Collaboration and Betrayal". 

The 47th issue of Democratic Modernity, a magazine of thought and theory, covering the months of April, May and June, has been published. The new issue of the quarterly magazine took its place on the shelves with the title "Overcoming Historical Collaboration and Betrayal". 
The authors and articles in this issue of the magazine, in which Ali Fırat's article titled "Protecting the Social Essence Against Collaborative Aristocracy" comes first, are as follows:
* Ali Fırat: Protecting the Social Essence Against Collaborative Aristocracy
* Hayati Deniz Kaytan: The First Betrayal Against Mother-Woman Sociality
* Kenan Avcı: The Reasons for Betrayal and Its Intensity Among the Kurds
* Gift Karaarslan: The Power's Multiple Source of Nutrition: Women's Enslavement
* Güven Suvarioğulları: Deviation from the Truth: Self-Alienation
* Fikret Çalağan: Making Sense of the War of Civilizations in the Middle East
* Yılmaz Baran: The Role of Collaboration and Betrayal in World Revolutions and the Form It Takes Today
* Naif Bal: A Factual and Analytical Reading on Betrayal and Collaboration in Classical Kurdish History
* Merge Polat: The Myth of Collaborative Nation-State Invention from Mythology to the Present
* Mesut Yurtsever: Urban Ontology of the Kurds
* Nurullah Semo: Ideology of Betrayal and Collaboration
* Zeynel Günaydın: Treason is on Trial! A Rose Blooms on the Rock
* Cihan Öner: Prerequisite for Liberation; Become Xwebun
* Emran Emekçi: Socio-Politics of Betrayal and Collaboration among Kurds
* Helin Toprak: Betrayal will have its share of defeat!
* Cengiz Çiçek: Establishing Meşa Azadiye (Freedom March) and the Freedom Line Stronger
* Cüneyt Mercan: We Can Be the Groundwork for the Problem or the Solution.

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12:25 Call from DEM Party to confront the Seyfo Massacre
12:24 Women take over guard duty against trustee
12:23 'Freedom' protest of prisoners continues
12:23 Call from Hüda Kaya's daughter before trial
17:42 ÖHD applies to Wan Bar Association for Abdullah Öcalan
17:39 Eid application from family and lawyers to Imrali
15:30 Lawyer of Abdullah Öcalan: If there is no isolation, why CPT report not disclosed?
11:36 Solitary confinement to prisoners in Antalya Type S
10:52 They will shout 'Freedom for Öcalan' in front of CPT
10:50 Water and hospital transportation problems in Şırnak Prison
10:47 Lawyer Cinbaş: Appointing a trustee is political, not legal
10:46 'Freedom' protest of prisoners continues
17:23 Message from Akış to the rally: We will continue to resist
14:43 Penalty request against 6 women journalists
14:35 Imrali petition from legal organizations to Ankara Bar Association
14:34 Penalty request for journalist Müftüoğlu
12:46 'Freedom' protest of prisoners continues
12:45 Application to meet Abdullah Öcalan
10:02 Lawyer Sevimli: Trustee is political brigandage, it has no legal basis
18:09 Co-Mayor Uğur releases
18:07 Elçi murder resulted in impunity: 3 police officers were acquitted
17:15 Relatives of prisoners met with Minister of Justice
16:17 Religious scholars: We will be in Colemêrg to raise our voices louder
16:03 Suspicious death of a woman in Cizir
15:26 Sinan Akay, perpetrator of violence arrests
15:20 Call from chambers and unions against 'savings package'
15:10 Healthcare professionals' struggle for 'tax justice' continues
13:58 Ayşe Ateş: 'Erdoğan gave the order to take action'
12:33 Constitutional Court rules violation of monitoring lawyer-client meeting
12:29 Feridun Yazar commemorated at his grave
12:28 Gerok Ma organizes children's event at Şemrex
12:27 Armed attack on private hospital in Istanbul
12:01 People depart to say 'stop' to trustee
11:42 Child hit by car dies
11:06 'They are trying to cover up the murder of child worker Haskiro'
10:57 Lawyer Nikbaht: Sentence given to Özdemir arbitrary
10:27 2 students caught in current in Fırtına Creek dies
10:12 'Freedom' protest of prisoners continues
14:31 Rape case in the congregation postponed to July 16
14:31 Criminal complaint against Yeni Şafak targeting municipality
11:12 Lawyers apply to the UN for 'urgent action' for Imrali
11:04 TBB allocated 138 of 175 vehicles to AKP municipalities.
09:24 'Freedom' protest of prisoners continues
09:24 Asked about Abdullah Öcalan and postponed her release
09:04 Xwebûn published: 'Resistance against the trustees'
11:28 'Freedom' protest of prisoners continues
11:20 What does government aim with 'Action Plan for the Protection of the Family'?
11:17 Prisoner on death fast weighs 40 kilos
11:15 67th issue of Jin magazine published
11:12 Journalist Buldan: Turkey cannot achieve the success it planned