What's going on in İran from Mahabad to Tahran?

Abdurrahman Gök, went, seen and written from İran and Rojhilat..
After the murder of Kurdish woman Jîna Eminî on September 16, the popular uprising in Rojhilat and Iran has left its second month behind. Our reporter Abdurrahman Gök, went to İran and Rojhilat, seen and wrote the resistance stemming from the slogan “Jin Jiyan Azadî” that have spreaded to the world and has been the hope of the peoples. 
* What's going on in the streets from Mahabad to Tehran?
* What do the young women and men who are the pioneers of the uprising say?
* What do university students, who are the most determined pioneers of the revolution say?
* What did the injured and tortured people convey?
* How are families whose children were murdered threatened and what did they say?
* What is the latest situation in Jîna Emin's home?
* Does the repressions of the regime extinguish the flame of the uprising?
* Why is this uprising not like other uprisings?
* Will the Kurdish, Persian, Azeri, Baloch and Arab peoples be successful this time?
The answer to all these questions is in the article series...
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