'Safe zone' and latest situation in İdlin: Agreement or war?

İDLİB - While the US's talks in Ankara and Rojava for the “safe zone" have not yielded any results so far, Russia started to attack in Idlib, where a ceasefire was declared at the beginning of the process.
The talks about a safe zone continues between Turkey and Democratic Syrian Forces (QSD). While the talks have not yield any results between the USA delegation and Turkey's officials, AKP's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that they will go in beyond the east of Euphrates River while USA's Secretary of Defence Mark Thomas Esper says they will prevent any possible unilateral operations.  After two days of talks, neither Turkey nor USA have made any statements regarding the outcome of the negotiations. While this situations shows that USA and Turkey have still not reconciled, another actor of the Syrian war stepped in. The conficts started again between Russian backed Syrian regime forces and Turkey backed radical groups in İdlib.
While the main actors in the conflicts in İdlib are Syrian Army and Heyet Tehrir El Şam (HTŞ/El Nusra), Russia backs the Army and Turkey backs HTŞ.  Idlib, which caused a major crisis in the last two years of the Syrian civil war, was also confronted from time to time by NATO and Russia. Turkey took on the task of evacuating the area from HTŞ and other groups withing the scope of Soçi and Astana agreements. Turkey's choosing different politics everytime caused violent conflicts in the region. 
Turkey which took on the task of evacuating the 15-20 kms south of İdlib, was going to declare a demilitarized the area in case of achieving the task. However, Turkey's doing the opposite of the task and backing those forces and arming them, Russia and Syria carried on operations and took some places back from HTŞ and the other groups. HTŞ also took some places back from them in the clashes that lasted for months.
As a result of the 'safe zone' planning to be established in North and East Syria, the talks between USA, QSD and Turkey came into prominence. While the 'east of the Euphrates' came into agenda, the activity at the west of the Euphrates was parcially reduced. Syrian regime declared cease fire at the west of the Euphrates, especially in İdlib. Different information about why the ceasefire was made, while Russia is trying to develop moves is reflecting to press.