The books that go out but can't get in


DİYARBAKIR- A good deal of books that were written by prisoners are able to be published but those books arent being delivered to their writers because the prison administration stamps them as "undesirable".

While there is an escalation of violation of rights in prisons lately, let alone accesing books they want to read, prisoners can not even access the books they themselves have written.The prisoners who write books in prisons can only see the books after they are released. The prison administrations that allow the book drafts go out, stamp them as undesirable when they are published and sent back to its writer.
Aryen publishing house executive Roj Agir who said that the main problem writers in prison faces is accessing the books, said the prison administartion confiscates books arbitrarily. Agir: " They come to exisctance by writing other lives. This is a way of the prisoners to describe the circumstances they are in. There is meaning, diversity and joy of life in those books."