ISIS member confessed the murder but the responsible parties aren't getting caught

ADANA- Ferhat Bağlu, son of the murdered newspaper distributer Kadri Bağdu said about the confession of murder of  İSİS member Servet Koç have made about his father's killing : " The man says i did it and they are not getting caught.
Servet Koç, member of ISIS have sent the images and the correspondence about killing Kadri Bağdu to his son and confessed the murder. He said ISIS members Taner, Ercan and Talip Güler was responsible for the murder of Bağdu. 
Son Bağdu who spoke with Mezopotamya Agency (MA) told that the ISIS member Koç and other members are living in their nieghborhood and work as shopkeepers.
Son Bağdu said about Koç and his friends : " They used to go to Kobané and come back. They got injured in some gun fights. We did not have antagonism between us. But we are know to be a political family in our neighborhood and people like us. They have attacked my father on October 14, 09.00.
Because Ferhat Bağdu was investigating the death of his father himself, on July 2016, ISIS member Koç approached at him from Facebook and that's why he spoke to him on social media.
Ferhat Bağdu said ISIS member Koç told him what happened in detail and said :" We killed your father. We were a task force in Kobané actions (October 6-8, 2014). We went to Gülbahçe to rake DBP. We abandoned the idea at the last minute. We killed someone at Kiremithane. (Ahmet Albay). We injured two people in Küçükdikili. I personally killed Yusuf Gülderen. The police came. We were wearing ski masks, we were armed. We talked to the police and they left."
Bağdu: " I asked Servet Koç why did he kill my father. He said "We killed him because he was Kurdish and because he was distributing a Kurdish Newspaper. All of this was about the newspaper and the revenge of Yasin Börü. My father have been doing his job for 20 years. People loved him in the neighborhood for that."
 Bağdu stating that they gave the videos of the confession to the prosecution's office via their attorney, said : " They can arrest and bring back the MİT (national security organization ) member from Lazkiye who commited the Reyhanlı Massacre. But not one step is taken with Kadri Bağdu murder. The man says we did it but they do not capture him. Its simple as that."