'We are wasting away with them'


URFA- Zine and Sinan Tutal whose son Abdulkadir and 2 other relatives are on hunger strike, said, "we are wasting away witht hem" and demanded the government take action regarding the hunger strikes.

The hunger strike of thousands of political prisoners continue in prisons with the demand of the termination of the isolation of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Both the hunger strikers who have been long deprived from food and their families are having hard times because the government is not taking action about this. One of these families is Tutal family from Urfa.
71 year old Zine Tutal and 78 year old Sinan Tutal's son Abdulkadir and their 2 relatives are on hunger strike in the prison they are being kept.
Father Sinan Tutul who stated that 'For so long, we are being oppressed in these lands.  But we believe we can live here like brothers and sisters. Those who are on hunger strike are all our children. The laws must be applied. We have been suffering for 20 years. Some families are apart from their children for 30 years. Let this tyranny be over and we can live together in peace. The children are not doing fine. How can a hungry person be OK? They are close to the threshold of death. They are dying in there, we are dying in here.  They are trying to rip our children away from us. We should not let this. This isolation must be terminated. Neither us, nor them can be in peace unless this war is over."