Botan Valley takes on spring colors

ŞIRNEX - Botan Valley and Gabar Mountain took on the colors of spring with the blooming of flowers.

Botan Valley and Gabar Mountain, located between Hezex (Idil) and Basa (Güçlükonak) districts of Sirnex, turned into a riot of colors as the weather warmed up. The colorfulness of the valley fascinates those who see it.
The Tigris (Dicle) River flows like a snake in the valley. Thanks to the clarity of the river, the stones at the bottom can be seen even from a distant point. The historical Elo Dîno Castle, located next to the river, gives a special beauty to the view.
It is possible to come across koçers (nomads) preparing to go to the plateaus at many points of the valley through which the river passes. Different flowers have begun to bloom in the valley that smells like thyme (catir). Poppies (xeçxecok) have painted many parts of the valley red. Bees wandering from flower to flower and butterflies landing on daisies also add a different liveliness to the valley.
The Gabar Mountain region, located close to the valley, turned green after the rains. The landscape in the region, where forest areas have been destroyed for years for "security" reasons, has created postcard images.
MA / Dilgeş Ruvanas