Presedential Communications Center: 52 workers died during 5 years in the construction of the 3rd Airport


İSTANBUL- Republican People's Party (CHP) İstanbul Parliamentarian and  Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs Commission member Ali Şeker said his application on the working accidents in the 3rd airport was responded by Presedential Communications Center as: "52 fatal occupational accidents occured in the İstanbul Airport construction between 2013- 2018."

In the response to Şeker's application it has been learned that 22 inspections were were carried out, and 2 millions 733 thousand 379 Liras was fined to 74 contractor companies.
On the other hand, Minister of Labor and Social Security Jülide Sarıeroğlu have made another statement about the fatal occupational accidents in the 3rd airport. Sarıeroğlu responded to the allegations that 400 people died in the construction and the deaths of the workers was shelved by paying them as only 27 workers have died. 
This was the second time officials made an explanation about the deaths in the 3rd airport in 5 years.