Yazidis will frustrate the plans made against Shengal in elections

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  • 15:40 16 September 2021
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NEWS CENTER - While Yazidis await the Iraqi elections to be held on October 10, MXDŞ Deputy Co-Chair Heso İbrahim said that they will frustrate the plans made on their land in the elections.

General elections will be held on October 10 in Iraq, which is having problems caused by political and economic crises as well as corruption. People in Shengal are already wondering the results of the elections to be held on October. Yazidis living in Shengal after being subjected to genocide by ISIS on August 2014, formed their own defense forces and declared their autonomous administration. With the Shengal agreement signed on October 9, 2020 between the Iraqi Government and the KDP under the administration of the Federated Kurdistan Region, pressure began to be put on the Yazidi people.
Resisting these pressures, Shengal has faced the threat of Turkish air strikes for a while. In Shengal, where Turkey carried out four air strikes in the last month,  civilians lost their lives and a health center was bombed. Despite all political pressure and military attacks, Yazidis, determined to protect their self-defense forces and democratic self-government, are also preparing for the elections to be held on October 10. The Shengal region has 7 seats in the Iraqi parliament. Two of these chairs are the women's quota. These 7 names will be determined by the elections to be sent to the parliament.
There are 3 parties established directly in Shengal. Tevgera Êzidiyan or Pêşdeçûn û Avakirinê (Êzidî Development and Reconstruction Movement), Partiya Paşverû ya Êzidiyan (Êzidî Development Party) and Partiya Demokrat a Êzidian (Êzidî Democratic Party) will participate in the elections with the candidates of KDP and PUK. We talked to Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly (MXDŞ) Vice-President Heso İbrahim about the parliamentary elections to be held on October 10 in the shadow of the repression and ongoing attacks against Shengal.
Heso İbrahim stated that Turkey has shown every time that it does not recognize the Iraqi government with its airstrikes against Shengal. Stating that the attacks will not be the first nor the last, Ibrahim said, "This is because Turkey is a hostile state to us since our ancestors. They are attacking us constantly and repeatedly. At this point, what we really complain about is Iraq's attitude. It is understood from the silence of the Iraqi state against these attacks that Irak is alllowing these Turkish attacks. They can't defend their sovereighnity right now. Turkey got its revenge for the defeat of ISIS.
According to Heso Ibrahim, who states that every step Turkey takes in Shengal and Federated Kurdistan is actually a "crime", all of these attacks are the result of a negotiation. İbrahim, said: “Isn't it a crime for Turkey to occupy Bashur today? Wasn't it a crime for Turkey to attack Rojava and carry out airstrikes? Every step Turkey takes is a crime. Didn't Turkey commit a crime in Cizire? They have destroyed law and humanity. While ISIS was here, the international community turned a blind eye on us. This continues today. But it is clear from their attitude that there is a bargain over Shengal, and there are international forces in this bargain."
Mentioning the silence of Iraqi Central Government in the face of Turkish attacks, İbrahim said: "They are aiming to displace the people they could not eliminate with the air strikes like they did before. This place looks more like Turkey than Bashur at the moment. They have bases everywhere. Turkey is settling in the region and Iraq remains silent in the face of this invasion."
Heso İbrahim stated that under these circumstances, Yazidis should make good use of the elections to be held on October 10.
Emphasizing that as Yazidis, there will be significant changes if they take care of their social interests in this election, İbrahim said that a change is not possible with the KDP. İbrahim said: "We can frustrate their plans on Shengal with these elections. We have the power to change."
MA / Zeynep Durgut