Makbule Özer: I could die here at any minute!

VAN - 80-year-old Makbule Özer, who was arrested in Van, drew attention to her health problems and demanded her release and said: "I could die here any minute."
80-year-old disabled Makbule Özer, whose prison sentence of 2 years and 1 month was upheld by the local court for "aiding and abedding a terrorist organisation" in the Edremit district of Van, has been in prison for a week. It has been stated that Özer, whose request for house arrest, which had been made twice before, was rejected by the Execution Judge, was sent to the hospital for a report by the prison. Özer, who has been in prison for a week, said she could die in prison at any minute and demanded her request to serve her time in house arrest to be accepted.
Özer's message is as follows: "I can't walk and I'm devastated right now. There's no guarantee I won't die here. I want to go home as soon as possible. I could die here at any minute. I have diabetes, shortness of breath and blood pressure inside a prison cell. The friends next to me take good care of me as best as they can, the prison administration takes me to the infirmary all the time, but this cannot continue like this because even when I was at home, my children were having a hard time taking care of me. For this reason, I want to be released as soon as possible.”
In the meantime, the application to the Execution Judge for Hadi Özer, who was arrested with his wife, was rejected for the second time. In the application made before Hadi Özer was sent to prison was rejected on grounds that he was not in prison at the time and the application made after he was sent to prison was rejected on grounds because the same application was made before and has been evaluated by the judgeship.
Evaluating that the decision was unlawful, Attorney Dilan Kunt said: "In our previous application, it was decided that a decision could not be made before the client went to prison, my client went to prison, but the judge did not even feel the need to evaluate it by referring to the first decision."