TAJÊ Spokesperson Sebrî: Öcalan's philosophy is alight in this darkness

NEWS CENTER - Pointing out to the resistance of Yazidi women against the attack, TAJÊ Spokesperson Sebîha Sebrî said, "Öcalan's ideas and philosophy are a light for us in this darkness."
The Yazidis, who have lived through 74 massacres throughout history, are under the threat of a new genocide with the "Shengal Agreement" signed on October 9, 2020 between Baghdad and Hewler supported by Turkey. Yazidis, who lived through the 74th massacre with the attacks of ISIS on August 3, 2014, liberated Shengal with the support of the HPG and the YPG/YPJ. The Yazidis who rebuilt Shengal were attacked by the Iraqi army on May 2 as a result of the pressures of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which exposed them to genocidal attacks. The Iraqi army, which had to retreat in the face of the resistance of the Yazidis, continues its threats with its presence in the region.
The KDP, which fled from Shengal while ISIS was attacking the people and cooperated with Turkey in the attacks against the Federated Kurdistan Region today, continues to target Shengal. Finally, in a statement KDP made after the Cabinet Meeting on May 11, KDP put forward the "Shengal Agreement" and pressured the Iraqi army to attack Shengal.
Emphasizing the organised struggle of women resisting the attacks, Yazidi Women's Freedom Movement (TAJÊ) Spokesperson Sebîha Sebrî made evaluations about Ankara-Hewler-Baghdad's plans and attacks against Shengal.
Stating that the main purpose of the wall built on the border of Northern and Eastern Syria is to besiege Shengal, Sebrî said, “They want to block the passage between Rojava and Shengal. To sum up, they want to blockade Shengal and implement the October 9 agreement. Closing this border is not a coincidence. It is intended and planned. Why isn't a wall being built elsewhere in Iraq? Why is a wall being built between Rojava and Shengal? The Yazidis, who survived the massacre, saved themselves by opening the corridor to Rojava. They want to disconnect Shengal from Rojava. Why did Iraq attack Shengal right after this wall was built? The goals and objectives are out in the open. They built a wall, then they attacked." 
Condemning Mesrur ​​Barzani, who targeted Shengal, Sebîha Sebrî said, "The people who lead the way to the genocide attempt and caused thousands of Yazidi women to be sold in slave markets, they are appearing on televisions again and making threats instead of being instead of being embarrassed or instead of apologizing. The first reason for these attacks is the KDP, and the second reason is Turkey. Turkey wants to make Iraq do things that Turkey clearly cannot do. Turkey is using the KDP as a proxy for this. KDP should be held to account instead of calling people to account. But today the Iraqi government is a tool. The statements of Barzani are not in the interest of the people. Turkey and KDP do not allow peace to be achieved in Shengal. Those who attempted to exterminate the people of Shengal yesterday, are the same people who attack Shengal today. Shengal will not go back to 2014. Yazidis woke up from that long sleep and will defend themselves."
Emphasizing the resistance of Yazidi women against the attack, Sebrî said, “In the 2014 massacre, Yazidi women rebuilt Shengal with the ideas and philosophy of Mr. Öcalan. We have rebuilt life. In this process, Yazidi women paid the greatest price. Those who were sold in slave markets, raped and murdered were Yazidi women. Mr. Öcalan's ideas and philosophy became a light for us in this darkness. With this light, we rebuilt the free life. We are now organised. We organised to take our revenge on the enemy. Our organisation was built with this awareness. The dreams of those who wanted to exterminate the Yazidis did not come true. It was the Yazidi women who prevented these dreams to come true. For this reason, a women's revolution began in Shengal. This revolution continues to this day. This organisation of ours was a response to the enemy. Yazidi women have never accepted slavery. The establishment of TAJÊ and the establishment of the military unit YJŞ were the most visible examples of this resistance. Yazidi women are no longer helpless. Yazidi women had a hidden power. Now they have revealed that power. We will no longer accept slavery no matter what, and we will not allow our people to be taken over. We pioneered this revolution and reborn from our ashes. If the whole world heard about Shengal's resistance today, it was thanks to the resistance of Yazidi women." 
Emphasizing that Yazidi women will never surrender Shengal to the invaders, Sebrî said, “The Iraqi army and other forces are attacking on the holy days of Yazidis on purpose. Undoubtedly, these attacks are no different from those of ISIS. In order not to keep these traditions alive and to make them forget, they always coincide the attacks with these days. Iraqi Army was here after the massacre and during the next attacks. They did nothing to help. They left the people at the hands of ISIS. We have no expectations from them. The last attacks were the continuation of the October 9 agreement. They are already working hard to put this agreement into practice. Of course, there is this great resistance of the Yazidi women to stop this agreement from being implemented." 
Noting that ISIS attacks continue in many parts of Iraq, Sebri said, "The reliable place in Iraq right now is Shengal. Shengal became a will and turned this will into a force of nature. This was thanks to the philosophy of Mr. Öcalan. In this way, Yazidis returned to themselves and chose to resist. The Yazidis re-created their power and showed this ore of power to everyone. But today they want to destroy it again. Yazidis must be vigilant against this and must be able to tell friend from foe. We are no longer the Yazidis of 2014. We are against war, we are always open to dialogue. But no matter who attacks us, we will defend ourselves. We will not surrender Shengal to invaders even if there is only one woman left fighting. We will establish a free and independent Shengal. Whatever the cost is, we will not let the invaders pass."