Condemnation to chemical weapons attacks: We know them from Roboski and Cizre

SIRNAK - Reminding that chemical weapons attacks against Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn are war crimes, the mothers said, "We know them from Roboski and Cizre."
The attacks launched by Turkey against the Zap, Metina and Avaşîn regions of the Federated Kurdistan Region on April 17 in cooperation with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) continue with fierce clashes. In the HPG's one-month balance sheet published in the Fırat News Agency (ANF), it was stated that Turkey has used chemical weapons 164 times since April 17. Turkey resorted to the continuous use of chemical weapons in the cross-border attacks launched on April 23, 2021. Intellectuals, writers and artists, especially the KCK, called on the OPCW to conduct an investigation in the region. However, despite all the calls, the OPCW did not investigate the region.
While the international silence continues, Turkey continues to use chemical weapons in the extensive attacks launched on April 17 in cooperation with the KDP.
Families of HPG members who lost their lives in Turkey's cross-border attacks condemned the AKP-KDP cooperation and chemical weapons attacks.
Atiye Can (54), mother of HPG member Ramazan Can, who lost his life in February in Avaşîn, said: “Every day our mountains are bombed and our children lose their lives. My heart is broken, other mothers' hearts should not be broken. We say enough is enough. This war should be stopped. There have been attacks and massacres on the Kurdish people for years. But the struggle of the Kurdish people against these oppression and massacres still continues growing. The Kurdish people have never surrendered. My son joined the PKK against this persecution. As mothers we do not want war and bloodshed. They attack our children with chemical weapons. The use of chemical weapons is a war crime. For years we only wanted freedom and peace. Instead of building freedom, this war is getting deeper."
Condemning the silence of international institutions against Turkey's use of chemical weapons, Can said, "The whole world knows that the Turkish state used chemical weapons in Bashur. They attack with fighter jets and chemical weapons. We do not accept this atrocity. Warplanes killed 34 people in Roboski. Those who committed this massacre in Roboski are now attacking Bashur. But no one condemns these attacks. All states have remained silent on this issue and they are accomplices in these attacks.”
Expressing that Turkey aims to invade the lands of the Federated Kurdistan Region with its attacks, Can said: “They are attacking our mountains with fighter jet and chemical weapons. What is the Turkish state doing there? Everyone has become an enemy against the Kurdish people. We wouldn't be in this situation today if we weren't deceived by the tricks of the state. Barzani helps the Turkish state for their own interests. This war should be stopped and the use of chemical weapons should be banned. My heart is broken, other mothers' hearts should not be broken. All Kurdish mothers and Kurdish people should rise up against this war and the use of chemical weapons."
Sumer, who wants the war and deaths to end, said, “They want to destroy the Kurds. But this will never happen. What is this war for? We don't want our children to be killed. Now they are attacking our children with chemicals. They cannot destroy us Kurds with chemicals. The Turkish state uses chemical weapons in all its attacks and massacres, this is not the first time. We have witnessed the use of chemicals many times in Cizre. When the Cizre massacre took place, many heavy weapons were used. Our houses were burned to the ground, looted and plundered in Cizre. But the Kurdish people did not surrender. Kurds should want unity, freedom and a peaceful life. Only mothers can stop this war. All mothers should stand up and join forces. No one should remain silent against the use of chemicals.”