İran Army: The attacks were within the knowledge of the KDP

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  • 17:24 28 September 2022
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NEWS CENTER - The Iranian army announced that the bases of the Kurdish forces in the Federated Kurdistan Region were bombed within the knowledge of the KDP.

The Iranian Army made a statement regarding the attack on the bases of the Kurdish parties in the Zirgiwe region and Koye district of the Federated Kurdistan Region near Sulaymaniyah. The Iranian Army announced that the attack, in which 9 people lost their lives and 32 people were injured, was carried out with the knowledge of the Federal Kurdistan Region administration. In the statement of the Iranian Army in Rojnews, it was stated that another attack will be carried out against the forces in the region.


The Iranian Army's statement included the following statements: "Before the attacks, we called on our forces to stop the attacks on them. The attacks carried out today were carried out by the Hemze Seid Şuheyda Guard Corps Headquarters. In addition, missiles and drones were used in separate places against these parties in the Kurdistan Region. As long as the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Army will continue its attacks against the Eastern Kurdistan forces in the Kurdistan Region until the Kurdistan Regional Government does not fulfill its duties and responsibilities.