KDP targets youth in Shengal

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  • 13:01 29 September 2022
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NEWS CENTER - Journalist İbrahim Êzidî stated that special war policies were put into effect in Shengal and said that the KDP, together with Turkey, is forcing the youth to spy on each other.
Yazidis, who have been subjected to 73 massacres throughout their history, experienced the 73rd massacre with the attacks of ISIS on August 3, 2014. The Yazidis, who built their self-government and self-defense after repelling the attacks of ISIS, started to be the subjects of the attacks of the Federal Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi central government, this time with the agreements signed under the pressure of the United States (USA) and Turkey. The attacks, which started with the "Shengal Agreement" signed on October 9, 2020, under pressure from the USA and Turkey, have been continuing for 2 years without interruption. The Iraqi army, which entered Shengal with the order of the Federal Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, had to withdraw as a result of the resistance of the people. In addition to the attacks by Hewler and Baghdad, Turkey's drones have bombed Shengal 16 times since the signing of the agreement. In these attacks of Turkey, 16 people lost their lives and dozens were injured.
Journalist İbrahim Êzidî
In addition to these attacks by Turkey, KDP started to implement special war policies in Shengal. The KDP, which tried to force the people of Shengal to migration, started targeting the youth. Journalist İbrahim Êzidî evaluated the attacks on Shengal and the special war policies.
Journalist Êzidî stated that the KDP has put its special war policies in effect together with Turkey, adding that the first step of this was to prevent the return of the people to Shengal. Êzidî said, “They had plans to destroy the Êzidîs and weaken them. However, they could not destroy the Yazidis and weaken them with weapons and threats. Now they want to realize these plans by putting their special war policies into practice. When the Iraqi army attacked the YBŞ and YJŞ forces, it did not get the desired result and took this war to another level which were special warfare tactics. First move was to force the Êzidîs into migration . This was also the plan of ISIS. KDP is now going on with the same plan as the ISIS. It is doing everything to get Shengal under its control. But so far, Yazidis have responded by resisting more and more against the KDP and its partners. It is the will of the people that the KDP fears most. There are 123 thousand Yazidi refugees in Duhok. Of these, 103 thousand emigrated outside of the country. The number of Yazidis returning to Shengal has exceeded 150 thousand. People started to return to Shendal but the KDP wants to evacuate the refugee camps. It wants to have them immigrate abroad, not to Shengal.”
Êzidî underlined that another practice implemented in Shengal is to make the people dependent and said, “Security is sufficient in Shengal. But the KDP and Turkey are constantly trying to force the people to migrate from Shengal. They attack everytime they get the chance. The reason for these aerial attacks is to empty the region and pave the way for immigration. The Iraqi government also wants to take Shengal under its control economically. An example of this is the gasoline and diesel crisis in Shengal. No one can buy gasoline or diesel without the permission of the Iraqi forces. This stops the works of hundreds of people. They use all means to make the people dependant. But it seems that the Autonomous Administration will not accept this."
Expressing that one of the war policies pursued in the region is the imposition of spying on youth through the KDP, Êzidî said: “We cannot consider the attacks on Makhmur, Rojava and Shengal separately. They cannot break the will of the people in these regions. But attack tactics over regions are changing. Special war policies are more implemented in Shengal. The imposition of spying is imposed on young people who are financially and morally weak. These young people do whatever KDP wants for their own personal gain. KDP is forcing the youth to spy on each other. The KDP wants to bring the Yazidis against each other with the support of the Yazidis supporting it. This is happening at Turkey's request."