Political prisoners on indefinite, non-rotating hunger strike

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  • 15:37 11 October 2022
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KİLİS - Political prisoners in Kilis Type L Closed Prison started an indefinite non-rotating hunger strike after the violations they were subjected to did not end.
Uğur Taşdeviren, Hüseyin Osmanpur and Hüseyin Aydın, who are being held in Kilis Type L Closed Prison, went on a 10-day hunger strike on September 12 because of the violations of rights in prison. The 3 political prisoners, who ended their protest after the negotiations, announced that they started an indefinite non-rotating hunger strike as the violations continued.
Uğur Taşdeviren, one of the prisoners, made a weekly phone call with his family living in the Viranşehir district of Urfa today. Taşdeviren stated that they had a meeting with the prison prosecutor after their first protest, and that their demands were promised to be met, but they weren't. Taşdeviren stated the following: “Six investigations were opened against us in one month. As a result of these investigations, my right to visits were banned. They give a disciplinary punishment every 14 days. Against this, we started an indefinite, non-rotating hunger strike. We have no other choice. We applied to the prosecutor's office, Ministry of Justice, political parties, Human Rights Association, but we couldn't get any results. Our last resort is to expose our body to hunger.”
Stating that there is an attack on their identity as political prisoners, Taşdeviren said: "We are not going on a hunger strike for personal gains. They don't recognise our will, we are not to be treated as an ordinary prisoner. We want to be recognised as political prisoners. We are subjected to violence everyday for it. We will continue the hunger strike until our demands are met. We will resist to the end. We are three people. We were left alone. Either meet our demands or send us to another prison."
Taşdeviren called on the prison commissions of the İHD, solidarity associations with detainees and political parties to "send delegations to the prison and to meet with them".