Semra Güzel's petitions to the prison are left unanswered

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  • 13:23 12 October 2022
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ISTANBUL- It was stated that the petitions of imprisoned HDP Diyarbakır MP Semra Güzel were left unanswered, not taken to joint activities, and their faxes were not delivered to the relevant people.
Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Diyarbakır MP, Semra Güzel, who was arrested on September 3 after her immunity was lifted in the General Assembly of the Parliament, is exposed to rights violations. Arzu Eylem Kayaoğlu, one of the lawyers of the Association for Lawyers for Freedom (ÖHD), who went to visit Güzel held in Marmara Closed Prison (Silivri), stated that the prison administration did not respond to her client's petitions.
Güzel, who is held in a single-person ward for more than a month, petitioned the prison administration to be taken to the same ward with a prisoner in Prison No 9. However, instead of responding to the petition, the administration transferred Zelal Coşkun, who was imprisoned in Bakırköy Women's Closed Prison, from the file of the Migration Monitoring Association (GÖÇİZDER) to Marmara Closed Prison, and took her to the same ward with Güzel. The administration did not give any positive or negative response to Güzel's petition.
Güzel also told her lawyer that none of her requests to the prison administration were fulfilled. Informing that her client ıs not involved in joint activities, Attorney Kayaoğlu said: “Semra wants to engage in joint activities with other women, but this is not answered.  They didn't respond to those petitions. There are faxes she sends to the MPs, to the Parliament, to her own advisers. But these faxes are not being delivered."
HDP Diyarbakır MP Semra Güzel was targeted after the photos taken in the process carried out under the name of “Solution” were served by the pro-government media, and 2 separate summaries were drawn up against her. An arrest warrant was issued for Güzel on March 24, whose immunity was lifted on March 1 at the General Assembly of the Parliament. Güzel was detained in Istanbul on September 2 as part of the investigation carried out by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. Güzel, who was subjected to police violence and wanted to be bowed down while she was detained, was arrested by the court she was brought to on September 3.