Nagihan Akarsel's family threatened to 'bury her in silence'

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  • 16:38 12 October 2022
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KONYA - The family of Nagihan Akarsel, whose remains was prevented from being brought to her village in Konya for a week, was threatened by the gendarmeries and the gendarmeries said: "Bury her in silence, if anything happens, we will burn this village".
It was expected that the remains of academician, writer and journalist Nagihan Akarsel, a member of the Jineology Research Center, who lost her life as a result of an armed attack in the city of Sulaymaniyah in the Federated Kurdistan Region on October 4, would be brought to Ankara at 16.00 and laid to rest in Gölyazı village of Cihanbeyli district of Konya; however, due to the funeral transport procedures at Hewlêr Airport, Akarsel's remains was prevented from being sent by plane.
It has been learned that the gendarmeries threatened the Akarsel family as a result of the village people coming and going to the condolence house. The gendarmerie threatened the family: "Slogans will not be shouted, we will break the fingers of those who make a victory sign, bury her in silence, if anything happens, we will burn this village down, we will drive you out of here".
In addition to the family, the civilian police and gendarmerie teams of 10-15 vehicles went to the houses of the people living in Gölyazı village and threatened them not to join the funeral ceremony and condolences.
Journalists who left the condolence house were stopped by the gendarmes at the entrance of the village and taken to the police station. At the police station, journalists were asked Why they came.
Nagihan's remains was taken from Hewler to Silopi by road.