Chemicals protested in Global Box

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  • 15:14 6 November 2022
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NEWS CENTER - The use of chemical weapons was protested during the Global Boxing Match held in Oberhausen, Germany.
Kurdish youth movement activists in Europe held a banner against the use of chemical weapons during the Global Box Match held in Oberhausen on November 5 and attended by thousands of people. In support of the resistances in Iran and Rojhilat, at the commemoration of Jîna Emini, activists unfurled a banner written, "Jin jiyan azadi" and shouted the slogan.
Kurdish boxer İsmail Özen led the boxing match where many boxers faced each other. Dedicating the matches to Jîna Eminî, Özen called on all the audience to support the resisting women in the Middle East with the flashlights of their mobile phones.
Activists also held banners and chanted slogans to draw attention to the chemical weapons, illegally used by Turkey.