Resistance in all streets leading to İstiklal Street

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  • 16:38 6 November 2022
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ISTANBUL - The crowd, who came together for the "March for Humanity" against the use of chemical weapons in Istanbul, organized a march on the streets leading to Istiklal Street.
Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK), Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) and United Struggle Union (BMG) are protesting the Turkey's use of chemical weapons against Zap, Avaşîn and Metina in the Federated Kurdistan Region with a march in partnership with KDP. The march started with applauses and slogans in Mis Street on Şişhane and Istiklal Street. The crowd gathered in Mis Street and wanted to march to Istiklal Street with the slogans "Repression cannot intimidate us" and "No to crimes against humanity". Hundreds of people gathered in many streets leading up to Istiklal Avenue upon the barricades of the police.
The crowd, including HDK, HDP and BMG members, and mothers on the Justice Watch, gathered in Mis Street, wanted to cross over to Istiklal Street, but the police did not allow it. While two people were detained here, the Justice Watch activist Kumri Akgül and two other people who were sitting on the street were first blockaded and then beaten and detained. The detainees chanted the slogan "Rights, law and justice".
The crowd, who went to Galatasaray High School, protested the chemical weapons with a march to Istiklal Street. The police, who attacked the people, detained many of them handcuffing them behind the back.
The resistance of the crowd against the police baricade continues. While Taksim Tünel, where the “March for Humanity” will be held, was besieged by the police, the crowd marched in groups in Şişhane Square with the slogans “Şehit namirin” and “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism.” Following the police attack, the crowd continues to march on the streets.
The police blockaded HDP MPs Sezai Temelli, Ayşe Acar Başaran, Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit and Tayyip Temel, as well as many people on Balyoz Street.
The group, caught in the police barrier on Istiklal Street, walked towards Tarlabaşı. Entering the street market here, the group chanted "Kurdistan will be a graveyard for fascism".