Abdi: We are prepared for the attack, we will resist

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  • 16:03 26 November 2022
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NEWS CENTER - Emphasizing that Turkey's attacks strengthen ISIS, SDF General Commander Mazlum Abdi said: "We have prepared for the attack, we will show a fierce resistance."
The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Mazlum Abdi held a press conference via zoom to evaluate Turkey's attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria. Speaking about the attacks launched by Turkey on November 20, Mazlum Abdi said: “We have been officially informed through the US Brett McGurk that the US is against this operation. America's stance needs to be stronger so that the possibility of an attack is not on the agenda."
Asked whether Turkey will attack Kobanê, the symbol of the fight against ISIS, Abdi said: “The USA and Russia are against an attack on Kobanê. We have prepared for the attack, we will show fierce resistance. There is cooperation between the Damascus government and Turkey regarding these attacks. We say that when any attack occurs, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian army should fight together, and we hope that this will happen."
Evaluating that they have not seen a serious attitude from Arab countries against these attacks by Turkey, Abdi said: "We see their stance as weak.  We thanked Egypt, which recently condemned Turkey's air strikes on Rojava and the Federated Kurdistan Region. We do not want to fight with Turkey, we want to solve the problem through dialogue, but if the Turkish state continues its attacks, there will be a wide war that spreads to the region. Our war with the Turkish state has been fought on Syrian territory so far, but if there is an invasion, the war will spread to the regions of Turkey bordering Syria."
Emphasizing that Turkey's attacks also target Kurdish unity, Abdi said: “Turkey's attacks also target the unity of the Kurds and the attacks are carried out against all Kurds. The trade between us and the Kurdistan Region is currently continuing through the border gates. We hope that this trade will not be interrupted by the attacks.”
Noting that the attacks will strengthen ISIS, Abdi said: “If Turkey attacks, ISIS will become stronger. ISIS prisoners will escape. During Turkey's attacks, we have intelligence information that ISIS will attack as well.”